Thursday, January 18, 2007

HSG and other random thoughts

So, today is my HSG. To say the least, I’m not looking forward to it. I know, I know, from what I hear, it’s not terrible—“no worse than menstrual cramps.” Well, I don’t enjoy those either, so deliberately subjecting myself to them seems less than ideal. Plus, I’m sort of irrationally irritated that my hubby doesn’t have to do any of this. All he had to do was one sad little blood test and one sperm analysis. Tough life. (And, he was such a baby about both! I don’t mean to sound heartless here, but injecting dye into my uterus—after I can’t count how many blood tests—it just seems spectacularly unfair.) Anyhow…hopefully all will come back normal, and we’ll miraculously get pregnant this month and dodge the clomid bullet completely.

Here’s hoping.

In other news, I got back from Paris on Monday. The trip was fine. I think my cousin had a good time. She certainly shopped up a storm. (She literally had more money to spend there than I. Yeah, that’s fair.) I am a little worried about her, though. She doesn’t seem to be making very good choices for herself. She’s 16 and I fear that if she can’t make decent, smart choices now, we’re going to be on a downward spiral between now and college. It’s funny, her mom (my aunt) is one of these super-paranoid moms. When I used to babysit my cousin when she was younger, my aunt wouldn’t even let her walk 3 doors down the street without watching her. And, now she doesn’t even like her getting off the bus by herself after school and walking the block and a half home. (Nevermind that they live in the safest neighborhood in America, and that my cousin is 16!) Yet, despite all of this paranoia about what ills lie lurking around every corner, she doesn’t seem to do the bare minimum to ensure that she grows up to be a good person. For example, just before hubby and I got married in 2004 (when my cous was 14) she stole $700 from my aunt. $700!!! She took it right out of her bank account with her ATM card. And, the worse thing that happened to her was that she had to pay it back. !!!! And, her birthday was the day after my wedding, and they still took her to the city and bought her everything she wanted the next day. WTF?! We aren’t some ridiculously wealthy family, so why the extravagance? Especially after such a blatantly horrible offense? And, there are a million other smaller examples of her being able to get away with whatever she wants. And my aunt gets really upset and cries to my mom wondering what she can do. She can’t, she explains, believe anything that her daughter says because lying comes so easily to her. And yet, there seems to be very little consequence when she’s caught in a lie. Seems like a clear “if…then” situation to me.

In any case, my take away from all of that is that, you could really do worse than to just teach your children to be good people—to be thoughtful, considerate, and have a moral compass—and to give them clear boundaries and consequences for their actions. The other stuff has a way of working itself out.

And, those are my random thoughts for the day…

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