Thursday, February 08, 2007


So, I met with the RE today, and it seems that I have three choices:
  1. do nothing for one more month and hope for a post-HSG burst of fertility
  2. clomid + get it on
  3. clomid + IUI
Hmmm….so much to ponder. I think I’ve all but completely ruled out choice #2—I’m an all or nothing gal, I guess. That and it just seems to me that if we’re going to go for the Clomid, we might as well go all out with the IUI, especially since one of the side effects of Clomid is to make CM much less fertile. So, at least the IUI would sidestep that landmine entirely. As an added bonus, we could have a virtually stress-free sex life for a month. I like that idea, given how scheduled we’ve gotten.

So, I go back and fort between #1 and #3, but I guess right now I’m leaning towards #3. As much as I did *not* want to have to do something artificial to get pregnant, c’est la vie. Here we are. A year post miscarriage with no child in sight. And, I don’t really feel that another month is going to do anything. (Although, I do have to admit to having that—wouldn’t it be funny if we got pregnant right before we were going to start IUI/Clomid—feeling. Of course, I had that this month, too, and we all see how that worked out.)

Hubby wasn’t able to come to the appointment with me today, so we won’t make the call until tonight, but I suspect that he’s leaning toward the same option. It feels like the more positive of the choices—and it’s the choice that would give me the feeling that we had some control over all this….and, I miss that feeling.

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