Monday, February 26, 2007

Enjoy your vacation, d*&$!

So, I tried to schedule a follow-up meeting with our RE. See, my lining responded quite pitifully to Cl*omid, and all of the doctors I met during this round of observation and IUI said that I would most likely have to move on to injectibles, since my endometrium doesn't seem to like the pills. So, I tried to make a follow-up, and the earliest they can take me is March 14. So, I kindly explained to the receptionist that by March 14, I'd be well into my next cycle, and it will be far too late for me to begin injectibles. She said, "well, he's going away, and only sees patients on Wednesdays and Thursdays, so I don't think there is anything we can do. Do you want to leave a message for your nurse?"


So, my nurse calls back and says he's booked solid and they can't fit me in. I explain the situation, and she says, "have you started your period yet?"

"No, but I will in 2 days--after Doc leaves for vacation, so I was hoping to meet with him beforehand so at least we could get started with the next protocol without delaying a whole month." (Why didn't I just say yes?!?)

"Well, you can't start anything until you get your period."

"Yes, I realize that. I wouldn't want to jeopardize anything in the highly unlikely event that my pathetic uterus actually grabbed hold of an embryo this month. But, if I wait until I get my period, the doctor will be gone on his three-week vacation, and it will be too late to do anything this month."

"Well, injectibles will be the most likely next step, but you have to meet with the doctor."


"But he's booked solid..."

Who's on first?!?!

Is it me? I mean, everybody, including the clueless nurse seems to recognize that I should be moving on to injectibles this cycle. But NOBODY else can make the call, and they won't even schedule me for the 30 second meeting where the doctor can officially say, "yes, your lining is pathetic. Here's a prescription. See you in two weeks."

I'm so frustrated right now. Skipping my next cycle just seems cruel. Next month is the last month that a 2007 baby is a possibility. And, while I know in the grand scheme of things the difference between a December 07 and January 08 baby is probably very small, for an infertile who has been on this roller coaster for far too long, I need to hang onto to whatever ounce of hope I can. Plus, there just must be a better way to do this. This can't be the only time this happens--that a doctor is away at a crucial time in a woman's cycle. There are other doctors, why can't they make the call? In a field where 2 days can make the difference between forward motion and stagnation, and when it feels like there is SO much riding on every month, you'd think they'd have a back up plan. Particularly for a doc who only sees patients twice a week and is going to be away for three weeks in the interim.

This is so fucking frustrating.


Susan said...

What's their number? I'll talk some sense into those F$#@%$^%-ers.

(I'm sorry it is so frustrating.)

Anonymous said...

Ugh. Sometimes they just don't get it, do they? I hope you feel better. I know it sucks.

Anns said...

I think you should call and go A-Wall on them! WTF... blame it on hormones.. just call in and go balistic!

Jeez I'm annoyed.
Gimme their number...