Saturday, February 17, 2007

IUI day 2

We went back to the dr this morning for IUI#2. Hubby's sperm count and motility actually improved since yesterday. Both days he had a count >100 million and yesterday 90% motility, today 95% motility.

Hubby is quite proud. Men are funny. I don't really understand why they feel such pride around sperm count issues. He was practically beaming. What a funny source of pride, no? I mean, my body created a perfectly sized follicle and I didn't find myself wanting to do an ovulation end-zone dance. (Go you sexy egg!)

So, we'll see what happened. The doctor essentially tried to forbid me from taking a pregnancy test for 14 days, which of course made me laugh. She's right, of course. Since I had an hcg shot, there is absolutely no point in taking a test sooner than 2 weeks. But, if it were that easy, F*irst Re*sponse stock would be doing a lot worse than it is. I guess what will make it a little easier this month is that my lining issues have mean that I don't have too much of a reason to be optimistic. So, instead, hubby and I are already planning our next move....

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