Saturday, March 03, 2007

I'd really rather be wrong about at least a few of these things...

As predicted, I've fallen into the unlucky 20% category--I went for my baseline scan today and have three cysts greater than 10mm. (One is 23mm, I believe.) So, there we have it. They are waiting until they get my bloodwork back this afternoon before officially cancelling the injectables/IUI this month, but hubby and I can see the writing on the wall.

What's more, the pharmacy had to overnight our meds to us to get them here today. And, the only one that will do that is the one that is not contracted with my insurance co. So, we had to pay out of pocket. I feel like such an idiot. I told hubby when I found that out that I just wanted to cancel the order, that I just *knew* I was going to have cysts. But, we agreed that if everything looked fine, we'd be really bummed to wait out another cycle. Turns out the joke was on us all this time.

Humpf. I'm feeling pretty crappy about the whole thing right now. Even if they don't cancel our injectables/IUI this month, apparently the chances of pregnancy are drastically reduced by the presence of cysts, so no matter what, things look pretty bad. Aren't we ever going to have a turn? Or at least a fighting chance?


tipsymarie said...

Isn't it fun to almost always fall in the really freaking small percentage? I love it.

Anns said...

that bites