Monday, March 26, 2007

Losing my mind, one shot at a time...

I have a terrible short-term memory. Always have. When I was a kid, my parents would routinely call me into the room to do something, and I’d completely forget that they asked about 30 seconds after I talked to them. Like walking the dog, for example. This would happen all the time. My mom or day would call me, or call me into the room: “Sticky Bun, don’t forget to take the dog out!”

“Okay,” I’d say, and walk away, ostensibly to take the dog out. And I’d really mean to. But then the phone would ring, or I’d see a shiny penny or something, and I’d quite literally forget. It would drive my parents bonkers. They would get so mad because they thought I was being really disrespectful. How could I possibly forget? They just told me, for peet’s sake!

I don’t blame them for thinking I was just ignoring them. It’s ridiculous, after all. How can you forget something so simple so soon after you were asked? Especially when you’re otherwise a fairly highly functioning person?

And, to add to their suspicion, I have an amazing long-term memory. I can remember the oddest, most specific details of conversations I had when I was three—what I was wearing, what my mom’s hair looked like, what she said, what I said. Vividly. As if it just happened yesterday. Yet, I can’t remember to walk the dog 30 seconds after I’m asked. It’s a very strange phenomenon.

How is this all relevant? Here’s how: I forgot to take my gona1-f shot tonight. Here I am, it’s 9:24, and I was supposed to take it between 5:00 and 9:00. !!!! How could I possibly forget? I can’t seem to think about anything other than cycling every other second of the day. But for some reason, I can’t remember to take the fucking shot when I need to. And, I wasn't doing anything. There's not even anything captivating on TV to take my attention. It’s absolutely ridiculous.

I assume that 25 minutes doesn’t really make a difference—if I’ve learned anything from this experience, it’s that this is not an exact science. But still, let’s pull it together, Sticky Bun! Just because it's your third IUI in less than 3 months doesn't mean you can start to slack off, now.



Mands said...

I hear you. I hear you because I am EXACTLY the same!
I NEVER remember birthdays on the right day, forget to give the dogs water, forget to lock the door etc etc. Forget to phone people back.
Wait, what am I doing on this comments page?

Tam said...

Oh dear, you are a bit of a doofus hehehe, I say this because it's something I would do. Hell, some mornings I forget my name!! How are those shot's going by the way, Oi...i'm scared of needles!!

Baby Blues said...

I'm also bad with timed medications. I usually have to set my mobile phone's alarm to remind me.

But I'm worse in losing things than forgetting! I lost one tablet of Clmid this cycle and had to buy an extra one.

Mrs. Nonatella E. Mouse said...

Thank goodness you remembered close to your scheduled time, though! I'm super forgetful but things don't hit me until really late into the night/extremely early morning and I bolt upright in bed like in one of those movies.

Sarah said...

i'm w/ BB, i lose things all the time. it's ridiculous. it is funny how we get a little less rigorous after a few cycles, though. i forgot to take my estrace one night recently but the resulting hot flashes reminded me!

Bumble said...

I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN! I used to have such a good memory but as the days go by it gets crapper and crapper. Like you, I forget things 15 seconds after hearing them. I can't remember what advert was on before the current one sometimes. Don't worry about the shot, I'm sure it'll be fine.