Saturday, March 24, 2007

Ms. Brightside

It's been an eventful few days. First, on Thursday evening, spotting gave way to full-on AF. I called the doctor on Friday, and got a call back saying we should just move on to the next IUI cycle; did we feel ready for that? Emphatically, yes.

But, I wanted to get to the bottom of a few things first. Like, can someone explain why my cycle was only 22 days, and are they certain I didn't ovulate on my own before the trigger (and thus waste the entire IUI)? The nurse was speechless. "Um, that's a great question. Let me talk to the Doctor." When I got a call back, they basically said that I might be on to something. So, this month they're going to reduce my Gona1-f dose and track my LH. (Why don't they track that anyway? Doesn't it seem like an important detail?)

So, I just got back from my day 3 scan and bloodwork. The scan looked great--ute is nice and thin again, and there were no cysts (wahoo!). So, I'm waiting to get a call back with my instructions, but assume I'll be starting my injections tonight. After the IUI, I think I'd also like them to track my progesterone, just to be sure that looks fine. But, we'll cross that bridge...

Looking on the bright side, by potentially screwing up my last IUI cycle, thus creating the shortest "month" ever, doc may have inadvertantly given me one last chance for a 2007 baby. If this IUI cycle worked out, my "due date" would be right around Christmas. So, there you have it. One last chance for a Christmas stork. And, I'm going to go ahead and let hope in because damnit, I'm hopeful. Things look good today. And we're going to track everything. And, damnit, we're going to get pregnant! (Well, I hope we are, anyway.)

PS: this newfound optimism may be shortlived. I flip flop back and forth between optimism and cynicism at the drop of a hat these days. But, for now, hopeful and optimistic.


Sarah said...

i'm hopeful too! new cycle, new start. it's a great feeling. best of luck for an '07 baby!!

one question though--do they not do u/s monitoring? because i think that's how they always knew if i was ready to ovulate.

Baby Blues said...

You are going to get pregnant, hold on to hope. I'm glad you're feeling optimistic. I get those swings from optimism and doubt too. Just enjoy and bask in those hopeful moments.

New cycle always brings hope. Here's to a Christmas stork!

Tam said...

Hey there Ms. Brightside...pleased to meet ya!! New start..yay yay yay..I agree with Sarah...maybe get them to scan you rather, bloods and OPK's are a pain in the ass. Have they not tested your prog levels before? I have a prog deficiency/LPD and I used to start spotting a day or two before AF, since being on prog in the 2ww i've had none of that...maybe you are onto something there.

Good luck sweetie...bring on that christmas baby!!

theoneliner said...

duh! why didn't they measure your surge. good grief. ya think?

i think we're getting pg, too. i mean, that's why we're about to drop at *least 3,000* right?

good luck!

Sticky Bun said...

yeah, I definitely get some scans, but mostly just to check for the mature follies, not for ovulation. I actually didn't realize you could scan for ovulation. (Although, I don't know why this didn't occur to me.) My typical protocol is to go in for scans after 4 days of stims, then one more day, trigger, and IUI, but no more scans or blood draws after the 4th day of stims. Sounds like I need to push them for more as we approach ovulation!

Thanks for the tips, ladies! :-)

The Town Criers said...

Run with the optimism. Things do look good. And this cycle is different because they're doing different monitoring. Here's to a wonderful cycle with a BFP at the end of the two weeks.

aah0424 said...

I agree with Town Criers-try to stay optimistic! It seems to me that the laws in this universe sometimes give you stuff when you least expect it and you were expecting your last chance for a 2007 baby to be over! Good luck!