Monday, March 12, 2007

Murphy's Law

We had our second IUI today and the doc asked if anyone had explained the risks of multiple pregnancies. "Not this round particularly, why?" I asked. "Because you likely have two and possibly three eggs that will ovulate this month, which increases the risks of twins, and possibly triplets."

Hubby and I had a good laugh about that. Here we are doing everything in our power right every month and we can't seem to get pregnant with one, and here the doc is telling me I'm at risk of two or three. Laugh, laugh.

Then, I had a conversation with a good friend of mine after work today and told her the story. We had a good laugh for a minute, and then I explained that the doc was really trying to let me know that, if there were three, they would probably recommend selective reduction for one.

Now, I'm not really open to selective reduction, so sort of wish someone had brought this up before. Although, really, I doubt I would have done anything differently because the chances of three are so miniscule. I mean, again, I can't even get pregnant...what are the chances that a.) I'd ovulate 3 eggs, b.) that all 3 would fertilize, c.) that all three would implant, and d.) that if they did, they'd all continue to grow?

At least, that was my thinking until I talked to my friend A, who brought up a great point:

"Well, you know, I know you pretty well...and if Murphy's Law applies to anyone, it's you."

True story.

And, you know, hubby, while a delightful adult, was kind of a nightmare kid. Super high-strung and surly. A handful. You don't believe me? Here are a few examples: he went on a People-to-People science exchange when he was in high school, and his parents got a call in the middle of the night from the program rep in Hawaii who had brought hubby to the airport and was putting him on the next plane. I still don't know exactly what he did, but that's hard core.

Or, how about the time the cops showed up at his house at 2am to tell his parents that he was going to be arrested for "borrowing" a golf cart from the local country club and driving it into a lake. You see, he and his friends had been trying to sell alcohol to the lacrosse team when the cops showed up. So, they borrowed a golf cart for a "quick" getaway (brilliant. What do they go, like 5mph?). (He's still a terrible driver, btw.)

Anyhow, the point is, nightmare kid. So, ever since I knew I was going to marry him, I've joked that if the universe were at all just and fair, then we were going to have triplet boys who are just like he was.

So, there you have it. Murphy's Law says that one of two things will happen this cycle: no pregnancy at all, or triplet boys.


Tam said...

Hey there,

I know how you feeling chick, I went through the same thing, although the Dr's never mentioned anything about a multiple pregnancy, I knew that there was a chance...afterall, to start with I had 3 eggs, only two reached 18mm but they were there and that meant I might have twins!! I even posted on the board I was on that I was going to have tripletts!! Funny really now that I look point is, yes...there is that possibility with all ART procedures and we do take that risk and at the end of the day we need to just take it as it comes...hell, I'll do twins after all this, it that's what it takes then so be it...Good luck, I hope this 2ww goes quick and you get that BFP!!

Bumble said...

Ohhh triplets hey... That sounds wonderful to me! Hope this IUI goes so well for you and you get at least one healthy baby, but 3 would be mighty fine too... Your hubby sounds very naughty!

Anns said...

I say go for the "trips".. come on, having nightmare children makes for great stories when you're old.

I'm thinking of you.. 3 times!

Baby Blues said...

Glad the IUI went well. Good luck on the 2ww!