Saturday, March 17, 2007

A propos of nothing...

Last night, I wrote an excessively long post (which I ultimately decided to spare you from) about a ridiculous fight hubby and I had about my MIL. I'll spare you the details and summarize:

Me: "Your mom is crazy."

Hubby: "Should we order pizza?"

Me: "I don't want MIL to come over and wreck havoc on our house tomorrow with her new super-powered industrial carpet cleaner."

Hubby: "With pepperoni, did you say?"

Me: "Aaaarrrggghh! It's like you don't even hear me!!!"

Hubby: "Huh?"

I'm paraphrasing, of course, but that's the essence.

In other news, I couldn't be happier that this 2ww coincides with the NCAA tournament. I've been watching for four days straight and am happy as a clam. Sure, my bracket is a disaster and I'm clearly going to lose in the three pools I entered, but whatever. It's fun and gives me something else to obsess about, which is great.

Of course, my blissful weekend of basketball was interrupted somewhat by a comedy of errors this morning. Again, for your benefit, I'll summarize: got woken up at 8am by the dog who was throwing up. He proceeded to throw up all over the house for the next two hours until something blue came out. Goooood times. Then, while trying to shovel the 6 inches of snow and ice we broke our only shovel and ended up spending $300 on a snowblower. (I'm now officically a suburbanite....and I'm not sure how I feel about it.)

But, the good news is that MIL canceled on us and didn't end up bringing her industrial powered carpet cleaner to shampoo our rugs. I assure you this was an excellent development.

So, all in all, I think I'm holding up pretty well 5dpiui--at least compared to 1dpiui when I was already starting to lose my mind.

I should also mention, though, that hubby has decided that we are preggers. I asked him the other day, "What are the chances we're pregnant this month?" I actually ask him that question every month without fail, and he always tells me "52%," which I think is a spectacular cop-out. It allows him to appear optimistic without really overcommiting. But, this month he said, "100%. Take it to the bank."

He did however say that we should order our next Gon*al-F pen, you know, just in case. Coward.


Baby Blues said...

Funny how hubbies suddenly develop selective deafness to avoid confrontation. But I'm glad they do. Because sometimes we just really want to rant, with or without them listening. :-)

Sarah said...

i'm a big bball fan too and the tourney has really been halping me get through the wait also. except that i'm in that oversensitive stage of the wait now, so every time one of my teams loses i want to cry because dear lord when do i get to catch a break and win something for a change?! ridiculous.

Susan said...

So my husband isn't the only one who does it! It always seems to happen when we are talking about his mother in law, the bills, or cleaning the house. Interesting phemomenon.
Hang in there for the 2ww. Sure hope your husband got it right!

Anns said...

Sorry to say I had to turn to Dr Google to find out what NCAA was... is that bad? I'm a football junkie myself. Glad to hear hubby's is keeping things positive... gotta love that about them! Enjoy your b'ball.. I'll be joining you in the 2ww in a few days....

Tam said...

I hear you on the husband selective hearing'll be delighted to know that it's nit only your husband that good at that. I'm praying the he right and that you get those two pink lines at the end of your wait...glad you in good spirits :)

Sarah said...

hey i just wanted to say thanks for your comment on my blog. it's been weird, i can't seem to believe it (and risk getting my hopes up). all the happy comments have really helped me try to be in the moment and get excited about it. i know hearing about someone else's positive test can be a double-edged sword, which makes me appreciate the comment all the more. thanks!