Thursday, April 19, 2007


I bought a new computer the other day. You see, hubby and I have been relying on our work laptops to do just about everything, and I’m starting to worry that we’re mixing too much. So, we finally broke down and got a Ma*cBook. You see, while I’ve always been a PC user, hubby is a M*ac evangelist and now I guess I’m among the converted.

Among the cool new features of the new computer is a built in camera that has all kinds of fun features you can do with the photos it takes. You can make them look like pop art (think An*dy Whar*hol), like you’re standing at the end of a tunnel, like you’re looking at a fun house mirror, etc. Anyhow, we were playing around with the camera function last night, and when I started looking at the pictures we had taken, I came to the most disturbing and startling realization: I’m getting wrinkles around my eyes!!!

I’m horrified. Let me put it this way: I just know I'm not going to be one of those women who ages gracefully. You know the type—they’re usually very zen-like and can actually do all the yoga poses without breaking a sweat. They let their hair grey and it still looks great with fabulously natural salt and pepper tones. They get wrinkles, but it somehow adds to their beauty and charm and they still look beautiful.

That ain’t gonna be me. I’m going to be the haggard woman in the corner who’s still coloring her hair at 90 because the grey has come in in stripes or something and who has so many wrinkles you assume she must have been a smoker (I’m not) or a tan-orexic (again, I’m not. The sun hates me.). So when at 31 I’m already starting to see wrinkles, needless to say, I’m incredibly disturbed. And all I could think was: I wonder what an eye lift would be like?

Don’t worry, I’m not actually going to do it, mostly because I also don’t want to be one of those women (think Jo*an Riv*ers) who looks like a handbag because of all of the plastic surgery she’s had. But you better believe I’m going to buy expensive eye cream tonight.

Anyhow…because I can’t (and don’t want) to get an actual facelift, I decided to give my blog a subtle eyelift this morning. You see, I’ve always admired how much cleaner everyone else’s blog looks—how your profiles* actually appear on your blogs and how your links are all neat and well-organized—alphabetically and with categories and everything. All this time, I thought you were all just masters of html.** But, today I discovered that if you just upgrade your blog template, blog*ger does all of those things automatically. Go figure! So, there you go. It's still a work in progress, and I realize it’s a pretty subtle difference, but again, I wasn’t looking for dramatic reconstructive surgery. :-)

*The picture might have to go, though, I can’t decide. I love that many of you have photos on your profiles so decided to post one to try it out, but I’m nervous about it because I like to be cloaked in my own anonymity. I mean, if someone I knew ever popped over, they’d sure as hell know it was me if there were an actual picture there…
**Of course, you may still be masters of html, but I’m happy to learn that I’m probably not the only one who isn’t.


Carrie said...

Know you can't go wrong with a mac!
Sorry about the wrinkles. Don't look so closely, no one else does!

Becks said...

The blog looks nice and neat....well done you!! Don't worry about the wrinkles...we all have them, and me more than most.

Anns said...

OOoh.. a MAC convert, I love you people! Once you get the hang of it, you'll never get a PC again!

It's funny, when I first logged into your blog tonight I was thinking that something looked different -- it looks great!

As far as the pic goes, I'm not a pic girl - I'm too afraid that someone from work might stumble in. Why don't you take a close-up shot of a part of your face (like your eyes!) and just have that? Or maybe just half your face?

Just a thought.
PS: Wrinkles show wisdom.

xo Anns

Bumble said...

C'mon those aren't wrinkles!! They're smile lines ;-)

Thanks for the HOPE you sent me yesterday! x

Mands said...

Loving the new look!
I have the same dilemma, I am saving up for some La Mer eye cream, which I will only be able to afford in ten years time. Hopefully they will have found the "cure" for wrinkles by then, so I won't need it.

Mrs. Nonatella E. Mouse said...

I had to do a double-take when I arrived at your page. You guys are very, very cute! No matter what you end up doing, thanks for sharing your pic with us. I'm new to the M@c world too-- still getting used to it. One thing I love is how fast the start up is. I have wrinkles too, and am about your age. I blame sleeping on my face. The only way I can sleep is by smooshing my face downward into a hard mattress. I'm kind of scared to see what 40 will look like. Hehehheehe!

Sarah said...

i LOVE my mac but i HATE the photo booth thingy. i just can't even turn it on. it lets me see too much. i think your picture is great though!

Mary Ellen and Steve said...

Your blog looks great! I am insanely jealous of the Mac. I really really want one. I think your pic is very cute!

Baby Blues said...

I'm a Mac user myself. I love it!
You both looks like a fun couple! Thanks for posting a photo. :-)

Reproductive Jeans said...

Once we go for a new computer it will be Mac--cant wait!
The blog looks great! I did get to see the picture of you pretty lady=) Hope you had a great weekend!

tipsymarie said...

I can identify . . .I constantly change the appearance of my blog, but I think I'm finally satisfied with its simplicity. Oh, and wrinkles aren't so much the issue for me right now, but wiry gray hairs that pop up. Lovely.