Thursday, April 26, 2007

Goin' back to Cali

So, I know that I’ve mentioned that our birthday is coming up—next weekend (also known as D-Day for IUI#4). And, I’m impressed that nobody’s yet asked why the hell I keep calling it “our birthday.” Perhaps we’re so in love that we share everything, even birthdays?

No way! I’ve always been a big fan of birthdays—it’s the one day that gets to be all about you. You get to have your favorite meal and people you haven’t talked to in a while call to say hi. You don't have to do the dishes and you can eat chocolate Munch*kins for breakfast. It’s fabulous.

Sadly, though, hubby and I have the same exact birthday. Yup, that’s right. Same day, same year. We are exactly 2 hours apart. (He’s older. Ha!)

And, I know what you’re thinking—aw…how cute? Nope. Not cute. It means that you have to compromise on your birthday. And who wants to do that? I mean, it’s my birthday, so I shouldn’t have to be the one that does the early morning dog walk, right? Not so much when it’s hubby’s birthday, too. And, well, hubby and I don’t have the same favorite meal. And he LOVES going to the movies on his birthday, but I don’t have any desire to do that. So, who wins?*

To avoid such complications, we typically try to go away for our bdays. In fact, we’ve been somewhere else for all but one of our birthdays. And it’s always fun—it’s a new special birthday tradition. So, this year we’ve been trying to figure out where to go. The challenge though is that these fertility treatments are kind of kicking our pocketbook, if you know what I mean. (Of course you know what I mean!) So, we thought we’d try to do something practical—something that didn’t involve spending a lot of money.

Then we said screw that! It’s our birthday, damnit. So, we decided to go to San Francisco for a long weekend. (Okay, okay. It's kind of practical…my brother and sister-in-law live there, so we can stay with them. How economical, you say? Yessirree.) And, it’s the perfect plan, really. I mean, this way, if IUI#4 is a bust, we can drown our sorrows in a beautiful vineyard in Sonoma. Genius!

So, we leave one week from today. I’m really looking forward to it. I haven’t seen my brother and sister-in-law in a while and I love SF. Also, this is providing a nice distraction from the 2ww…not that I’m complaining about the 2ww. Nosiree, Bob! No complaining here. I can wait and wait. Hear that AF? NO HURRY! Stay away!

*I keep trying to convince hubby to change his birthday to November 6. That’s our half-birthday. I thought it would be totally reasonable. No dice. Damnit.


Bumble said...

Oh poor you! It must be like having your birthday on Christmas. My hubby's b-day is 3 days before mine and thats bad enough, I'm always stressed as to what to buy him, because whatever I get him, he's got 3 days to top that. Have a GREAT time in SF!! And I hope that wench AF stays well away from you x

Erin said...

Man, that sucks! My husband's is two days before mine (same year, too). If only mine was first it might not be so bad.

Allow me to virtually welcome you to SF! Not to brag, but it's the perfect Birthday weekend city, and such a perfect place to take your mind off the wait. I'll listen for loud swearing if AF shows her ugly mug, but I know she wouldn't dare!

Mary Ellen and Steve said...

That does suck! I definitely wouldn't want to share my b-day with Steve. I hope that you two have a lot of fun on your vacation! I hope that AF stays away.

Sarah said...

well i hope you have a fabulous trip to SF, with AF nowhere in sight!!

Dianne/Flutter said...

Happy Birthday! To the both of you. And Cali....I LOVE San Francisco. Have fun!

Hey, Aunt Flo, come visit me....and stay the heck AWAY from Sticky Bun!

Reproductive Jeans said...

I had a hunch that it was BOTH your is cool, but I understand what you mean-we have good friends that have that same issue-they like it, but dont like it. I hope you get to celebrate in all kinds of fun ways though! I would love to visit SF soon--we visited San Diego and LA last time we were out west, but never made it to SF-and I hear its great! Have fun!

AF is due to visit me, so I KNOW she wont visit you=)

Carrie said...

Have a good birthday.
I'm so jealous, I'd LOVE to go to San Francisco.

Baby Blues said...

I love San Francisco! Had lots of fond memories. Studied there for two years as a child. I agree, screw saving up, splurge and have fun, it's both your birthdays. You deserve a wonderful vacay! Mr. Kite and I also go on vacations on our birthdays. He's 5 years and 4 days older than me.

Becks said...

I can imagine its a nightmare sharing a bday - you'll just have to put your foot down and play the girlie card. Maybe he could celebrate his the Saturday straight after yours, that's seem fair! :-)

Hope AF stays well away from SF - have a great time.