Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Random thoughts...

I don't have anything particularly interesting to report, so apropos of nothing, below are an assortment of random unrelated thoughts rattling around in my mind today (only 9dpiui--man is this 2ww going by slowly!!)
  1. So, my posts about visiting DC this weekend made me realize just how many of us either live or have lived in the metro-DC area. I’m beginning to wonder whether the Shady Grove Fertility Center put something in the water to keep us coming back for more. Their radio commercials—-which I swear still run on repeat in my head from all of the days I spent hearing them on my commute. I mean really, how much air time did they buy?!—make them seem so nice and helpful, but I’m now suspicious.

  2. The IF blogosphere is really amazing. I was thinking the other day about the fact that we’ve all been brought together, from literally every corner of the world, by our common struggle. I find that amazing. Also, since many of my bloggy friends are actually a day ahead of me—I note this every time I surf my blogs at night and Baby Blues’s date and time tracker shows me that she's a day ahead of me—I’m wondering if you can keep me posted on what happens this cycle. You’ll be my soothsayers. And, I’d prefer good news next Monday. No pressure.

  3. I don’t abstain from coffee and wine anymore. There, I said it. When we first started trying, I didn’t cut back at all. Then, after several months and our miscarriage, I cut out both coffee and alcohol out figuring I should cut out whatever *might* be impacting our fertility. But, then, after about 9 cranky-ass, tired months after which we were STILL not pregnant, I said screw it. Clearly that wasn’t our problem. And, my two favorite parts of my day are my latte in the a.m. and my glass of red wine at night. So, if I have to be infertile, I might as well enjoy a good cup of Joe.* Plus, for better or worse, my doctor things that stress is probably playing a role in our IF. So, he’s always encouraging my hubby to buy me a great bottle of wine around ovulation. Man, is he ever my kind of doctor!

  4. Remember that work nightmare I mentioned the other day, well, it looks like it’s going to get worse before it gets better. Apparently the guy who works for me met with my boss while I was away, ostensibly to continue complaining about how awful I am and to launch all kinds of far-fetched accusations about all of the terrible things I do to him. And, word around town is that the meeting descended into shouting and crying. Yes, that’s right, the grown man started crying during the meeting after shouting about me for about an hour and a half. Yikes. Goood times.

    So, now my boss has to go through an “investigation” where he decides whether the accusations and concerns are valid. (I assure you they aren’t.) I have to say, though, the whole thing makes me really uncomfortable. I mean, I know that I’ve always acted professionally and fairly, but I don’t think getting into a bitter he said/she said is ever good. I guess my boss has to give the guy a written evaluation of his investigation by next Friday. So, between now and then, things are going to be awesome at work. Remind me again why I want an even more stressful job?

    Also, I actually just feel kind of bad for the guy. Whatever his issues are, they clearly are not all about me. He's obviously working through a lot--probably personally and professionally--not least of which is probably the fact that I was hired over him to be his boss, and he was never happy about it. Our work relationship was set up for failure from the get-go. (To be sure, a more stable person would have come to terms with it and not lashed out as he has, but whatever. My point is, I have to believe it's not all about me...)

*Okay, okay, I DO cut back. I don’t have a glass of wine every night during the 2ww. And, I basically cut it out completely after about 7-8 dpo, figuring that’s when the little bugger would implant. But, damnit, I’m having my coffee. (Okay, fine. It’s only a half-caff. But that’s as good as I’m ever going to be! Stop it with the third degree!)


Dianne/Flutter said...

You crack me up with the coffee! LOL! Thanks I needed that. I will admit, I have my one cup a day. Mostly because I feel more stressed when I disallow myself anything.

But, I don't allow myself any alcohol. Maybe I should rethink that one :).

Sarah said...

1. SGFC is my clinic! If they put something in the water i want my money back!

2. Word. The blogosphere is incredible. We're so lucky to be able to share this in the internet age. What a different world it must have been for earlier infertiles who didn't have the ability to pour their guts out anonymously and get back busloads of support in return.

3. At one point I became so frustrated I started smoking, assuming that's when i'd finally get pregnant just so i'd have nine months of worrying about birth defects (i quit a year or more before starting ivf though). i think your occassional half-caff and vino is totally fine, and very sane.

4. i'm hoping the "investigation" turns out to be the best possible thing, because hopefully then this guys problems will be completely clear to everyone and he'll have to get it together or get lost.

Bumble said...

Shady Grove sounds like an old age home... :-)

I'm sure a coffee a day wont harm you, look at all those crack ho's getting pregnant?! Besides, when we've been doing this for so long, how are we meant to stop all that stuff? Its okay for the average fertile - oh, lets get ptregnant - okay - I'll just stop drinking for a month - abracadabra - i'm pregnant. We need our booze and coffee to make it though this he he.

Adrienne said...

Shady Grove - now that brings back some memories! It's been about 10 years since I lived in the DC area, but some things just stick.

And I'm with you on the wine and coffee. FWIW, I just had an acupuncturist/chinese herbalist tell me to go ahead and have that's good for you!

Mands said...

I am a bit of a sad case about the wine and coffee thing. I get rebellious, overdo it, and then cut it out completely whilst ringing my hands and gnashing my teeth about the damage I may have caused.
I am hopeless aren't I???
As for the wine, it's instant headache, so perhaps I need to start slowly and build up to a nice strong resistance?

Tam said...

Hehehe, I must say that I am really not good with the coffee and alchohol thing. I used to be, I hadn't drank for was that damn break that we took that started it all, now I do indulge and I don't feel bad at all. I must say tho that I don't drink alchohol at all in the 2ww, but hell, I like my coffee!! Good luck with these next few days, you're close now..I hope this is it!!

Baby Blues said...

The IF blogosphere is truly amazing. Where else could you find strangers validating your feelings and truly understanding the chaos IF and ART brings?

Cool. I get to be in your "tomorrow" while you're in my "yesterday" today. :-)

Mary Ellen and Steve said...

This is my first time visiting your blog. I am not much of a coffee drinker, but I definitely do not cut out the wine completely. It takes the edge off after a day of obsessing about follie counts and e2 levels. Plus, I did that for my first 3 cycles and it didn't seem to matter, so now I don't bother. Good luck to you!

Becks said...

Wishing you tons of luck for this cycle and enjoy your wine...I'm with you girl on that one!

Erin said...

I'm amazed by the blogosphere, too. I'm still fairly new to to it, but already it's been such a great source of support, information, validation and inspiration.

Today I made the switch to small coffees after transitioning from large to medium. I may go back to medium, but make them half-caff, because this dixie cup ain't gonna cut it.

Shady Grove does sound like an old age home!

Can't wait to hear good news on Monday!