Sunday, April 22, 2007

Where am I going to find 50 million uteruses?

Highly fertile IUI nurse: Hubby had a count of 57 million/ml with 90% motility.

SB: Huh—you’re usually over 100milion/ml. Guess we shouldn’t have gotten it on 7 hours ago?

Hubby: Well, yeah, but that’s still 57 million swimmers. That could be 50 million kids right here and now. … What, you don't think I could? All I need to find now is 50 million eggs.

SB: well, yeah. That and 50 million uteruses.

Hubby: But where am I going to find 50 million uteruses?

So, just a few updates from the weekend—another red-letter weekend in the land of sticky bun infertility.

As you may have guessed from the above, we had our 4th IUI this morning. But, as seems to be the case with all of our IUIs, there were a few glitches.

First, I think I forgot to mention before that my insurance actually did not cover this IUI. It seems that our insurance coordinator got it wrong. We got a call on the second day of my injectables protocol letting us know. So, we could have stopped everything, but by that point I felt that we were pot committed, so we just kept going with it. Plus, I’m on the lowest dose, I actually had meds left over from my last round. But still, covering the IUIs and monitoring is several hundred dollars I wasn’t planning to spend this month. Damnit.

Second, unfortunately, I YET AGAIN ovulated on my own before the trigger. I think I’ve basically done that each month, so there’s some question about how effective each of my THREE previous IUIs have been. To recap: the first month (when we were on Clo*mid), I got a positive OPK, they had me trigger that night, and I had the two IUIs the next two days. (arguably too late, since you ovulate about 24 hours or so after your own LH surge, and we all know the window of opportunity for fertilization is small, to say the least).

For IUI #2, I didn’t do an OPK. (It was an injectables cycle, and they said that they were monitoring me more closely, so I decided to just go with it, figuring they’d know better than my OPK when I’d ovulate. Ha! Lesson learned.)

It’s unclear whether I ovulated early for IUI#3. I didn't get a +opk, so I suspect I did not. Although, I do know that my estrogen dropped before I triggered. So, something was going on there...

This month, they didn’t tell me to track with OPKs, but I wasn’t taking any chances (especially because we are PAYING, and it’s the last one we’re doing before IVF). So, I go for monitoring on Thursday, get a call from the nurse saying to do two more days of 75 ius and come back in Saturday morning for another u/s. I wake up Saturday morning, and get a +OPK…again (on CD9). That means, of course, that I should have done one of our two IUIs on Saturday and Sunday, because my ovaries were already starting to ovulate. Instead, they sent me home Saturday, told hubby and I to get it on and come in for one IUI on Sunday.

Now, I can see at least two logical flaws in their thinking. First, why the fuck would you cut it so close month after month when I clearly trigger ovulation early on my own?!?

Second, if having S*EX got us pregnant, do you really think we'd be here?


So, hubby and I have been….um…how do I put this delicately…well...screwing like bunny rabbits for the past two days. You see, it appears that hubby’s count is still fine even with lots ‘o sex. (We got it on twice on Saturday—once less than 7 hours from the IUI, and his count was still 57 million for the IUI. Not too shabby.) Also, apparently the IUI is optional, since the RE just sent us home to get it on rather than actually doing the second IUI. Curious. And, we figured, we better throw everything we possibly can at this cycle in the hopes SOMETHING sticks (so to speak).

So, there you have it. I start progesterone tomorrow. 2ww #23…and we test on our 32nd bday. Good times.

Oh, also, I took the photo down. I didn’t realize until I started commenting on a few blogs that my photo was going to appear both on my blog and on every comment I left. I decided to spare you all from that. That’s just more SB than anyone needs. ☺


Adrienne said...

Yeah, you'd think they would clue in to your early ovulation given that it happened THREE TIMES BEFORE! In any event...wishing you good luck and an easy and stress-free two week wait, SB.

Mands said...

My 3 IUI's were pretty disasterous as well. On the 3rd, my hubby droppped the sperm bottle and lost more than half of it. I had also started ovulating a day before my trigger.
I hope this one has a positive outcome despite all the mishaps.
Thinking of you!

Dianne/Flutter said...

Praying for you - I hope the 2ww goes quickly (time) and not for any other reason (AF stay away!).

Mary Ellen and Steve said...

I hope that your 2ww goes quickly and smoothly. Thinking of you!

Erin said...

I'm hoping that despite all the adversity #4 provides you with a very Happy Birthday present! (I hate the highly fertile IUI nurse.)

Reproductive Jeans said...

Here's hoping that all the bunny-love-makin did the trick!! Hope you get a GREAT birthday present!

Sarah said...

aw, i liked that picture!

woohoo for gettin it on! we never managed to be up for that with all the stress of cycling, good for you guys!