Monday, May 21, 2007

Au naturale

Hubby asked me to label my post today “au naturale,” since that’s how we’re doing things this cycle. No IUIs. No bloodwork. No transvaginal ultrasounds. It’s like a cute little flashback to the early TTC days—you know, where you get a positive OPK, gaze longingly at each other thinking of all of the wonderful things that lie ahead of you, and get all swept up in the emotion of it all and have a nice romantic evening.

Well, okay, it wasn’t exactly like that. We do have an appointment with one of the new REs on Wednesday, and we haven’t developed IF-induced amnesia and forgotten everything we’ve been going through.

But, it has been nice. And, to cap the “au naturale” cycle, I got my positive OPK on Saturday while we were away. So, to all of those annoying people who spout old wives tales incessantly to us IFers, here’s what I have to say: we went on a conveniently timed baby-making* vacation—to the beach, for peet’s sake. How much more relaxed can you get? So there.

(Though, I can’t pretend to be overly optimistic about our retro-cycle. I mean, if we got pregnant by having appropriately-timed s*ex…well, then this blog would look a helluva lot different…)

The beach was great, though. We really enjoyed just chilling. And we did enjoy spending time with our friends’ two little girls. They are so cute and so very sweet. And hubby is so sweet with them. Although, on Saturday afternoon I almost broke down into tears as I watched him building play*doh animals with them. And again on Sunday as I saw my friend, her husband and their two girls walk hand in hand picking up seashells on the beach. Hell, I’m getting all teary now just writing it.


IF…she’s a bitch, ain’t she?

Unfortunately, our idyllic, stress-free beach vacation did meet a little hiccup on the flight home. We were scheduled on a direct flight this morning, but got a call that it was cancelled so had to hop on a packed flight that connected through Atlanta and ended up getting home six and a half hours later than we were supposed to. Good times. Then, to top it off, as we were landing a bird apparently got sucked into one of our engines. Now, not only is that incredibly dangerous, which it is, but it also causes the entire plane to smell like dying fried bird. Which it turns out bears no resemblance to fried chicken. It was really awful...and kind of sad.

Oh, but you’ll be so proud of me—I’m officially off the juice! While I haven’t had a fully caffeinated beverage since I started to quit, I’ve now officially gone two full days with NO caffeine. No decaf. No tea. Nada. Woohoo! (Although, I do miss my lattes desperately.)

*Well, that wasn’t the purpose of the trip, but the timing worked out. So, take that universe!


Sarah said...

good job on the caffeine! and good luck with the retro cycle!

megan said...

nice work with the caffiene -- i know it's hard to do. i went cold turkey a year or so ago and spent three days in my office looking like bambi. i was really zoned out. good luck with this au naturale cycle!

Erin said...

How fun would it be if your vacation sex did the job!?! Of course it would perpetuate the assvice about vacations solving IF, but hey, maybe there's something to it!

Whenever I see my husband playing with other kids it just kills me that we don't have any yet. He is so much fun with them! I can't even imagine how great he'll be once we have one.

Will you get to see Les Nubians? How cool! Those kids don't know how lucky they are!

Have a great day.

Kate said...

A vacation sounds like a good idea! Congrats on being Caffeine Free!

Ms. Planner said...

Sticky, maybe, just maybe, you are an urban legend in the making. How f'ing cool would that be? Vacation sex + the beach = pregnant. Water front rentals will be booked solid for months.

Good luck on the DIY cycle.

P.S. I think about your wanting to pummel your neighbor's Christmas stork and still giggle.

Reproductive Jeans said...

Glad you had a nice time at the beach--and glad for the 'good' timing--I remember those early TTC days...ahhhh, those were the days. But still-hold onto HOPE and I wish you the best with this cycle!
Sorry about your flight--that is scary!

chicklet said...

We've been trying for 2 years, took a vacation, and it didn't work for us either. I think I was more relieved that 'those' people wouldn't be right, than unhappy I wasn't pregnant again.