Thursday, May 10, 2007

The De-caffeinators

See, this is why I love the blogosphere! After my post yesterday, JJ (Reproductive Jeans), Baby Blues, and Laura (The (Reluctant) Baroness) have agreed to both support and join me in my quest to quit caffeine. Now, I’m still not happy about this—AT ALL—but I’m thrilled to have some comrades in arms.

Because I’m a type-A planner, I did a little research on the best way to quit caffeine. I’m sure I don’t have the willpower to quit cold turkey—I love it too much and would surely reach for a double latte as soon as that killer headache hit Saturday morning. And, more than that, Sunday is Mother’s Day—and I have to spend it with my MIL—so I think that if I coupled trying to quit cold turkey with enduring mother’s day toasts to my miscarriage,* I’d lose it.

So, “experts” (i.e., Dr. Google) recommend stepping down gradually to avoid the worst of the caffeine withdrawal symptoms. I figure that I consume about 250mg of caffeine each day. (I drink one half-caff in the a.m. that has 2 oz. of regular and 2 oz of decaf. According to Dr. Google, that’s about 100-125mg.) Then, I sometimes (okay…usually) have a second half caff in the afternoon. So, I figure that’s about 250mg. (Maybe a bit more sometimes, but not regularly.) So, since SIL said I could use green tea to walk myself away from the nectar of the gods (i.e., coffee), here’s my 7-days-to-a-caffeine-free-me plan:

Friday: Last day for a tasty latte before work. *sniff* (~150mg)

Saturday: Regular green tea 3x/day (20mg/each, ~60mg)

Sunday: Regular green tea 3x/day (~60mg)

Monday: Regular green tea 2x/day (~40mg)
Decaf green tea 1x/day

Tuesday: Regular green tea 2x/day (~40mg)
Decaf green tea 1x/day

Wednesday: Regular green tea a.m. only (~20mg)

Thursday: Regular green tea a.m. only (~20mg)

Friday: No caffeinated beverages. (yikes!)

Sunday, June 3: Natural BFP (priceless)

(Sorry, couldn’t resist that last one.)

And wow. I’m such a geek.

Anyhow…that’s my plan. I’ve now made it public so will have to face public shame and ridicule if I fall off the wagon, so here’s to a caffeine-free-me.

I have to say, though, if we’re going to give up the lattes, ladies, one of us better get a BFP out of the deal sooner rather than later!

Here’s hoping!

*Remind me to tell you THAT story. Ugh. It was awful.


Dianne/Flutter said...

Good luck....hoping for your priceless BFP. :).

Becks said...

After I read your post I decided to quit completely too! I was down to one cup a day but as of yesterday, and today, I am caffeine free. What with no wine and no coffee this trying for a baby lark is not much fun!

Good luck with your 7 day plan.

Reproductive Jeans said...

Hahahaha...ohhh we are true planner-sisters! I love your plan-you are taking this serious! So I definitely will--just give me until next Friday-BUT I will skip coffee all weekend, and drink more green tea next week. But I love the plan...
And Im sure THAT story isnt pleasant...
Definitely hoping for your natural BFP!

Ms. Planner said...

...and I thought I was a planner. Sheesh!

xoxo, Ms. Planner

Erin said...

Wow - you guys are so bold! I thought I was tough, making the switch from coffee to black tea. I wouldn't have done so, but my acupuncturist says there's something in the coffee itself (decaf, too) that effs up our systems. She had a much more eloquent explanation of what it does, but her words escape me right now. I'll be sure to ask her tomorrow. She said green tea is best and that black tea is still better than coffee. Maybe I should take the leap and switch to green tea? Oh dios mio!

Bumble said...

Now that sounds like a plan. Good luck with it, it looks doo-able. And bring on the BFP's.

Sarah said...

whatever the mother's day toast story is, i'm certain it must be horrendous. good luck with the plan.

Laura, the (reluctant) baroness said...

Apparently, I am "type a" compared to your "TYPE A." Seriously, I love your plan.

I am starting on Monday (my routine is whacked right now, so I'm waiting to fix my normal routine - last excuse I'll make.) My unsophisticated plan is to remove all coffee, and replace with green tea for now. PM cokes will temporarily be replaced with white soda, then I will transition to water. Adieu, sweet lattes.

I'll stop leaving comments for today!! I'm inundating your email.

Becks said...

I've added a ticker to my blog to show how many days since coffee - go get one too, it might help the motivation!!