Friday, May 11, 2007


Dianne (Flutter of Hope) wrote a fabulous "I am" poem and challenged me to do the same. Here 'tis, for what it's worth.

I am stubborn and independent and proud to a fault.
I am self-conscious and lanky and sarcastic and fair.
I am empathetic.
I am an out of shape swimmer and basketball player.
I am fiercely loyal to my family and friends.
I am a young 32 who feels 26.
I am unimpressed by those who are impressed with themselves.
I am afraid of flying.
I am a fake vegetarian and a Francophile.
I am uncomfortable sleeping without Phil.*
I am sweats and sneakers but champagne and Ti*ffany.
I am ambitious but value family above all else.
I am addicted to laughter and like my routines.
I am sentimental.
I am infertile.
I am a work in progress.

I'm also tasked with challenging 5 other bloggers to write their own. I've actually got more than 5 that I'd be intrigued to see, but I'll play by the rules and let these 5 tag the next 5 and so on. (Kind of funny to watch these things spread in the blogosphere!)

So, here it goes: I challenge all of you, and especially the following people to write their own "I am" poem and post it on their blog. I would like these people to tag 5 bloggers and so on. I cannot wait to read about who you are!

Tam (Peanut's Journey)
Becks (One Miracle Needed)
Laura (The Reluctant Baroness)
Mary Ellen (Our IVF Journey)
Sarah (For the Flavor)

*That's a picture of Phil on the flight home from our honeymoon. Yes, I'm insane. No, it's not contagious.


Laura, the (reluctant) baroness said...

THANKS! I love a good challenge, and this should be fun. Dianne has certainly set the bar high. Who am I? Let me put a little thought into this. . .

Sarah said...

oh man, i don't have to be as interesting and clever as you guys do i? seriously, every time i read these things i think: wow, she is a really interesting person. do you think maybe everyone would be intersting if we only got to know them they way we do in blogland?

Becks said...

Ohh, there's something to ponder on over the weekend.

Loved the line about Phil, he is so cute! and really relate to the one about being unimpressed by those who are impressed with themselves.

Have a great weekend.

Laura, the (reluctant) baroness said...

So, I was burning orange-cranberry muffins (from a box, not scratch) when I breezed by your post this AM. So I came back to read your poem again. Great work! I really like "I am a fake vegetarian and Francophile" and "sweats and sneakers but champagne and Tiffany." I think there are so many subtle "contradictions" in side of each of us. At times in the past, I've felt like some of these things have been hard to reconcile. But I think these are the things that makes us unique, interesting and human.

My favorite, though, is definitely being unimpressed with those who are impressed with themselves. Concisely put.

Beautiful poem. Thanks for the glimpse into who you are!

Coffeegrl said...

I'm with laura, I also loved the "fake vegetarian and Francophile"! and "sweats and sneakers but champagne and Tiffany". Awesome. There's really nothing I like more than sitting around drinking champagne in my sweats. I mean, should a girl have to sacrifice comfort for good taste?!

Kristen said...

That poem is awesome! I will have to ponder this one myself. I love how our little eccentricities and imperfections make up the beautiful people that we are. Great job!