Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The ocho

There’s another game that’s traveling around the blogosphere. The timing for these really couldn’t be better—I’m really looking for something to distract myself and these are quite fun to read. The latest is to list 8 random things about yourself. As I was reading some of these today, I was actually sad that my roommate from DC doesn’t have a blog because her list would be fabulous. For example, she’s petrified of maple syrup. She can’t look at it and freaks out if it touches her. And she has to stack everything. I would go to bed at night and find little stacks of all of my stuff the next morning. It always cracked me up.

JJ at Reproductive Jeans also has some fabulously random things in her list. Like that she thinks that numbers are male and female. And that she can’t have an odd number of emails in her inbox. (There’s also a terrifying story about a spider, but I’m so arachnophobic I can’t even tell it here. Check it out, though. Gives me the shivers.)

So, I’ve been tagged by JJ to share 8 random facts about me. I’m sure many of you are already well aware of my freakish quirks (like that I traveled with a stuffed bear* on my honeymoon), but here are a few you probably don’t know:

1. All of my toes are the same length (really long—like finger toes), except my little toe, which is a little stub with no joint.

2. I was born with a random extra front tooth but no upper wisdom teeth. (Yes, I had the extra one pulled.)

3. I don’t eat any meat except when I go to Yankee stadium, where I have to have a hot Italian sausage and peppers sandwich.

4. I can’t fly without a bottle of water, nose spray, and Sud*afed (the real stuff) regardless of whether I’m sick. I’ll risk missing a flight to get them if I don’t have them.

5. I get nervous every time I eat shrimp—I’m convinced I’m going to go into anaphylactic shock. (And I’ve never been allergic to anything in my life. Not even poison ivy.)

6. I have the most ticklish feet EVER, but I love getting pedicures. My friends find it really embarrassing to go with me.

7. Hubby’s sister and I went to the same college (she graduated 5 years after me, though so there was no overlap) and we discovered very early on when hubby and I were dating that we lived in the exact same dorm room our respective sophomore years.

8. I get claustrophobic when I ride in the back seat of a two-door car. It’s freaks me out to not have my own door as an escape know, just in case...

So, there you have it. Try to form an orderly line as you run screaming from my blog.

Now, here’s where I tag 8 others who I think could use a fun distraction, too. I’d love to hear all of your random facts!

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Erin (Vicious Cycle of Cycles)
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Bumble (Me the Bumblebee)
Kristen (Sticky Bean Preconception Journal)
Anns (A Brief History of “You”)
Matthew MF Miller (Maybe baby?)

*You should know that Phil was a gift from my hubby on our first dating anniversary. So, that’s not that weird…right?


hopeful to hateful in 28 days said...

That's a fun 8! Your roomate's fear of maple syrup reminds me of my stepsister- She is scared of Mr. Peanut (the planters peanut with the top hat). Random!

Kate said...

Yankee Stadium??? Now I see why you were making fun of my choice of baseball teams! You're right, though, I shoudl be much better at disappointment by now. :)

Sarah said...

that was very fun!

Baby Blues said...

I have the most ticklish feet too! I start giggling and laughing whenever I get a foot spa. I try to warn the attendant because I might accidentally kick her.

Nicole said...

I get freaked out riding in the back seat of a 2-door car too!

Carrie said...

Thanks for the tag, I'll get right on it!

Random extra FRONT tooth. Wow, is that not really unusual?

As for the shrimp, I get that. Except it's chicken with me. And only sometimes. But I can't EVER cook it myself or I know I'll die!

Mary Ellen and Steve said...

I am not allergic to poison ivy either. What a fun little meme!

Reproductive Jeans said...

Yay! Love it--thanks for doing the great 8--that is crazy about number 7! And you sound like me when I fly anywhere--I def. have a routine!

Bumble said...

You sound so cute and quirky, I love that you took a stuffed bear (oops, Phil) with on your honeymoon!! Now I better get thinking of my 8 things... x

Ms. Planner said...

Hey Sticky, thanks for the tag. I'll get to working on it! I thoroughly enjoyed the facts-about-Sticky Bun. No running here. I'm signed up for life.

xoxo, Ms. Planner

Coffeegrl said...

My mouth is watering just THINKING about that Italian sausage and peppers! I grew up a few hours north of Yankee Stadium in a city where many, many Italian families had immigrated and settled. There isn't a fair or street carnival there that doesn't feature Italian sausage and peppers. Oh yummy!

Anns said...

These are great -- I'm gonna have to think really hard to come up with some, I'm feeling somewhat boring after reading these. :0)

Matthew M F said...

Matthew M. F. Miller says:

Fun 8, and thanks for tagging me. It shocks me that all of your toes are the same length. My second toe is nearly as long as my pinky finger. I look like a monkey.