Friday, May 04, 2007

Quick update

I arrived in lovely San Francisco, CA* late last night, and am happy to report that hubby and I are just lazing around, drinking Pe*et’s Coffee and eating No*ah’s bagels. (Mmmm….Pe*et’s.) The good news is that Erin has promised me good weather while I’m out here, so I’m looking forward to lots of wandering around the hilly city. (My calf muscles will hate me later, but whatever.)

My goal for the weekend is to not think again about IF until I get back to the east coast. (Stop laughing. It could happen.) Unfortunately, I forgot that in my brother’s neighborhood I think it’s a prerequisite to have twins and be pregnant—I must have passed about 100 women on my way to coffee this morning with double strollers and baby bumps. *sigh*

But, I’m hoping to try to block it all out and just have fun. As a result, hubby and I discussed it, and I’m going to try not to test until we get back east. I’m hoping AF stays away that long (and I assume with the prog*esterone I’ve got a good shot). I just don’t feel like dealing with disappointment this weekend.

So, have a great weekend, ladies! And, I hope I have some good news to share when I'm back!

*And, I’m sure you’ll all appreciate this—I had to pack preog*esterone to keep AF away, tam*pons in case she came, and HPTs to see what was what. Ah, the life of an infertile!


Becks said...

Have a fantastic time, enjoy your time away and I do hope that AF stays away from your weekend and for a lot longer after that.

Have fun!

Adrienne said...

Enjoy the city! I'm envious!

Mary Ellen and Steve said...

Have an amazing trip! I hope that you get some great news when you get back!

Sarah said...

haha, your footnote cracked me up! hope it is/was a wonderful trip and looking forward to some excellent news!!!

Baby Blues said...

Post photos! We'd love to see them.
Have a wonderful time!

LIW (Lady In Waiting) said...

Did security check your bags? I can only imagine the expressions that all of those items might elicit.

I hope that you had a wonderful time!

Reproductive Jeans said...

I am sorry if this is posting twice--I think it ate my first one. Anywho--I hope you are having a GREAT time--and do post pictures=)