Sunday, July 22, 2007

5 dpd5t

Here I am, five days past day 5 transfer, and can I tell you that I haven’t given a single thought to taking an HPT? I know what you’re saying, “That’s so great!” Not really, tough. The reason I don’t feel the urge to POAS is that I just can’t envision a scenario where this actually worked.

Isn’t that pathetic.

It’s not that I don’t hope from the bottom of my heart that our two little sticky buns are nestling in. I really, really do. I want this more than I’ve wanted anything. It’s just that I don’t have a single non-PIO induced symptom. (And, trust me, I’m looking.)

Granted, I don’t know what a non-induced PIO symptom would look like. Nausea, perhaps? Cramping? I think that’s it, because I’m pretty sure everything else (sore breasts, tiredness for example) can be tied directly to progesterone...or to a lack of sleep.

In other news, what a complete waste of space that work retreat was! Ugh. I’ve got to tell you; if you’re going to take people away from their homes and families for three days and two nights—over one weekend day—you’d better absolutely f’ing knock my socks off with the retreat festivities. Needless to say, they didn’t. It was about 1% scintillating and captivating conversations about where we are and what we could do better as an organization; about 49% mind-numbingly boring presentations; and 50% horrifying “team building” exercises.

Here’s my question to you all, am I the only one who thinks that charades and karaoke among colleagues is a terrible idea? I mean, I refuse to do charades and karaoke with my closest and dearest friends and family. So, in front of colleagues? Come on people!

And, it’s not just that I don’t want to do it. It’s also that I don’t need to see our tone-deaf CFO singing “My Way” after three too many beers. Really, I don’t.

And as I mentioned the other day, I did have to room with the co-CEO, one of my bosses. I should have mentioned that we’re a really young office and the co-CEO is basically my age (she’s 35). And we do get along well. But, I’m 32, damnit. If I have to go to a horrible three-day work retreat, I’d like to be able to watch trashy TV on my own in my room before I go to bed and not have to worry about looking weird in front of the CEO, you know?

I know what you’re thinking—how did I do with the PIO shots? Well, that’s a whole different story. After I wrote my last post on Wednesday, hubby gave me my nightly shot, and it didn’t go well. We hit a nerve or a blood vessel or something, and it freaked me out. It just felt weird and hurt and left me a little sorer. And, it made me panic about giving the shot to myself. So I took hubby up on his offer to drive over and give me the shot both nights.

I’m a terrible wife, I know. But thankfully I have the greatest hubby ever.

Needless to say, we looked like quite the pair of IV drug users sitting in the back of a Starb*cks parking lot shooting up.

And all we could think was, “man, I really hope we’re pregnant after all this.”



tipsymarie said...

Don't even get me started on "team building" exercises. It's so forced and fake. If I happen to make friends with people at work, it's a bonus. But don't MAKE me like you. Because chances are I won't. I would really love to know who does like it. Must be someone, because it's all the rage.

I really do freaking HATE IT. Can you tell?

You haven't tested yet? What great resolve you have. I'm impressed!

megan said...

what a wonderful hubby you have! that's so great that he was willing to make the trip to help you out.
and about the team building BS? there is little i hate more than having to "bond" in such ways with co-workers. i effing hate it. and with charades? karaoke? that is my worst nightmare. i'm like you...i won't even do that in front of family not to mention co-workers....i'm glad it's over and you're home safely!

Ms. Planner said...

BOO! for team building with charades. YAY! for Mr. Sticky Bun driving to give you the shots. What a hero.

If my company ever did team-building karaoke, I would pick the dirtiest song on the list and sing it. "Little Red Corvette," comes to mind.

Hope these next few days fly by nice and easy.

Amy R said...

Oh Sticky, I'm sorry the PIO was painful- thats the part I'm most nervous about! I'm glad your retreat is over and done with though.

Knock Me Up said...

I hate group effort and team building crap. I just don't do it. And yeah, you should have had your own room. Yuk!

I'm sorry you aren't having any symptoms that make you think you're on your way to the big BFP, I'm in the same boat except I just started cramping so think we may be at the end. Who knows. My fingers are crossed for you.

Nearlydawn said...

Um, my hubby and I did it at Walgreens - you guys are much cooler Needle Drug users. Of course, we DID have a dead cat in a cooler during our needle adventure, but hey not trying to top your story! LOL

Sorry, that sounded discussting, but if you know my story there really is a sane explaination for the cat...

I just think it is amazing what we as women and couples will go through to get our babies. It is a testament to our determination and strength!

You go girl!!!

Bumble said...

Hang on little Sticky Buns!!! So excited for you this cycle SB, I so want to hear your good news in a few days. Good Luck x

Tam said...

I am praying that all this is worth it too, you do have a great hubby and you're not a bad wife, I would have requested the same thing!! Hoping that this week brings you good news!!

Carrie said...

I HATE team building exercises. Really, really hate them .They don't build any bonds for m, I just hate the people who think them up.
My husband is a trainer, they do courses for health profs and he's always on about the 'great' ice breakers etc. They sound horrific. If I was on one of his courses, I'd be like a moody teenager with a very bad attitude. And as for sharing a room.... I best not start.

Your husband sounds great, good for him.

As for no symptoms, that really doesn't matter a bit. Not a bit. It is odd when you can't imagine it working but at the same time can't think of it not working.

Everything crossed for you x

Waiting Amy said...

Uggh for work nonsense. Woo Hoo for a great hubby!

You are doing great. Keep busy and the end of waiting will come soon.

Hoping for lots of great things for you both! xxx

Kate said...

That would be torture. It sounds like something from The Office.

Sarah said...

it does sound like the office! and karaoke and charades are two of the worst ideas of all time, in my opinion. i LOATHE them both deeply.

symptoms? they're all PIO. there's nothing meaningful you can discern as long as you're on it. all the other stuff doesn't start until you're further along, so don't bother making yourself crazy with the symptom hunt.

Reproductive Jeans said...

Hey there! Sorry about the team building-what a waste. But what a sweet hubby! Ill be emailing you soon

chicklet said...

Jesus, I'd shoot myself if I had to do karaoke and charades - even with my FRIENDS!

And yea, your hubby's awesome.

The Oneliner (Christina) said...

i would have tested by now, but it may not show so, it'd really be a waste of time.

And it is waaaaayyyyy to early to feel symptoms even if you are going to feel any during the entire pregnancy. Seriously.

That retreat sounds AWFUL! That play I was in...was about parody of a company retreat. Our plane crashed and we feed our team leader to a large snake. People laughed really loud, and I think that's b/c they too hate retreats.

Oh, girlie, i hope, hope, hope you see double lines very soon.

hopeful to hateful in 28 days said...

Keeping my fingers crossed that your little buns stick!

Mands said...

You hang in there too SB!
I know it's hard.
It's early days though!

Mands xx