Saturday, July 07, 2007

My right ovary has flown the coop...

Just a quick update before we head up to hubby’s brother and sister-in-law’s house to see their new baby (*sigh*). I went in for another b/w and ultrasound, and we’re still where we were at the last update. The left ovary has 5-6 follicles, the biggest of which is 16mm and the smallest of which is about 8mm, with the majority falling between 12-16mm. (I would have expected more growth in two days, no?)

Unfortunately, nothing is going on in the right ovary. There are still a bunch of 8mm follies. I guess they’ve stalled out? It really pisses me off, too, since I’m a righty and all.

In any case, Smirky continues to be somewhat pessimistic. He’s still talking about the possibility of canceling and converting this to an IUI, depending on how the next two days go. It would be our choice, of course, but not a fun choice to have to make.

So, here’s my question of the day: is Smirky just ridiculously pessimistic, or is this a pathetic response? (Clearly my right ovary is pathetic, but I mean would getting 5-6 eggs mean that IVF isn’t really worth it?)

Hopefully my E2 level has risen appropriately at least. I’m just waiting to get a call back from the nurse this afternoon to find out what I should do next.

Also, on a semi-related note, has anyone ever used Ganare1ix before? When I injected it last night, I got this nasty red rash, that has since gone away. But, it’s left in its wake two spectacularly ugly red bruises. Yikes. The other shots didn’t really give me any problems, so I’m wondering what I’ve done wrong. (I asked Smirky and all he did was smirk and say, “It’d be hard to do it wrong.”)

Nice. Thanks for the helpful advice.

Man I wish there was a future's market like hubby described yesterday so we could figure out the odds of IVF even working at this point, given that we basically only have two shots at IVF in total and we want to make sure we give both of them our all.

Good times, really.


Leah said...

I have used Ganirelix, and also got the rash just after I injected it. And it itched too. But eventually went away, and I didn't get the red bruising you describe. Since it's a pre-filled syringe, you're pretty safe. You're not doing anything wrong, you must just be sensitive to it.

For each of the IVFs that I made it to ER, I never had more than 3 follies that looked like they were going to make it to the party -- above 18mm. So I triggered with a "boost" (a vial or 2 of Menopur with the trigger shot).

First time, we got 4 eggs, all were mature, and 3 fertilized. All 3 made it to transfer, and we put them in. One stuck, but had trisomy 5, so resulted in m/c.

Second time, we got 6 eggs, all were mature, and 4 fertilized. All 4 made it to transfer, and we put 3 back in. No luck, but I've got crappy eggs since I'm apparently an ancient old geezer.

I know they like to have lots of follies to do IVF, but the sonograms lie. Every time, follies that looked like they were measuring under 15 always turned out to contain mature eggs at retrieval. Go figure.

Good luck, I hope the next couple of days bring stunning growth in your faithful ovaries!

Erin said...

I didn't get a rash with the Ganirelix, but I did get some bad bruising - the needle is SO dull!! I've read that injecting v...e...r...y... slowly can help with the rash.

I'm so sorry Rightie has gone away. I'll be hoping for her to come back! I wouldn't give up hope on this cycle at all. With my 5-6 follies, and my right ovary being dormant from the start, my RE never even suggested converting to IUI.

Have they given you any sense of when your ER might be?

I'll be checking in - GOOD LUCK!

Amy said...

Sticky, I used Cetrotide (same class of drug) without rash. But it doesn't seem surprising that some might get one, as Leah said. The bruise could just be secondary to the rash's irritation.

Most things I've seen, and my clinic's cut off I think, is 4 follicles. Even though I had 4 we bagged because of my elevating progesterone. Its hard to say what the right choice is, IUI isn't the end of the world and would possibly save you $$ for another IVF with maybe a better response on a different protocol. At least that what I'm telling myself.


Needles said...

ok so I'm alone in my Ganarelix fan club- I LOVE that syringe- Mine have been the sharpest, most pain free, bruise free needles ever! I'm so in my fan club alone! lol!
Anyways...I'm an IUI junkie so I may not be able to relate to you and the right ovary issue....but for my IUI #3 my left ovary was the dud. In 5 days my RE got 2 good size (over 20) follies out of it- It took 4 vials of Bravelle, 2 Menopurs and 1 Ganarelix.
But that ovary can surprise you so dont write it off just yet for this cycle! GOOD LUCK!!!!

CAM said...

Hm? I think 5-6 follies sounds fine for an ivf. I did my first one with just 4. Smirky sounds like a ball of fun?! The toughest part of all of this is just to sit back and trust the docs.
I'll check back to see how this all goes.
Hope you were ok seeing the new baby - its so tough to be strong during those awkward moments. I always feel like everyone is looking at me and wondering if I'm know?

Reproductive Jeans said...

I hope you get to move forward no matter what--and I still think that is plenty for IVF if you all chose that route...I am thinking about you!

Laura, the (reluctant) baroness said...

Best of luck with advancing this cycle, and any decision you have to make. Hopefully you can stick with the IVF. I'll be thinking of you.

Ms. Planner said...

Sticky, I hope your day with the new baby wasn't too hard. You have a lot of courage. I think I would have bagged the afternoon with a newborn.

I don't have any advice for you, but I am thinking of you and hope Ms. Rightovary pulls through.

xoxo, Ms. Planner