Thursday, August 30, 2007

Mixing it up...

I’m utterly at a loss for what to write about. It seems almost silly to “update” you on what’s been happening because, well, nothing has. I’ve been working from home this week. The bleeding has (thank g-d) not returned. I am being weaned off progesterone, which terrifies me a little, but seems to be going okay.

So, really, nothing to report.


So, in the absence of, literally, anything interesting to say, I’ve decided to spend my time making a new mix. I realize this isn’t an original idea here in the blogosphere, but I used to make mix tapes all the time when I was trying to sort through my emotions and so, I figure, why not revisit an old standby? Plus, I think it's fun to sort through my library and find songs that speak to me right now.

I’m calling this my, “I’m not really buying that this journey is going to be as important as the destination” mix, and it's sort of a nod to where I'm coming from in this IF journey and the lighter place I hope to be headed. Enjoy!

1. There is no try, Yoda*
2. Hell, Squirrel Nut Zippers
3. Mr. Blue, Yaz
4. I wanna be sedated, The Ramones
5. No One Is To Blame, Howard Jones
6. I will buy you a new life, Everclear
7. Over The Hills and Far Away, Led Zeppelin
8. Lie in Our Graves, Dave Matthews
9. Don’t Stop Believin’, Journey
10. Closer to Fine, Indigo Girls
11. The Only Living Boy in NY, Paul Simon
12. The Boxer, Carbon Leaf
13. I am a warrior, Pat Benatar
14. Somewhere Over The Rainbow, Israel “IZ” Kamakawiwo’ole
15. Send Me on My Way, Rusted Root

*This is a nod to Sarah’s shuffle game from WAY back in the day. This came up randomly for me in the game and I always thought it was so funny. So, in honor of that shuffle, this audio clip made it into a prime spot in this mix as well.


r_is_moody said...

I guess no news is good news.

Your mix is great. I absolutely love that song by Isreal. It is my ringtone on my phone!!

Erin said...

So much word to R about no news being good news! I'm thrilled to hear the bleeding has stopped. Hopefully you don't have any major plans for the holiday and can spend a nice, relaxing 3=day weekend? Although at this point you might be a little sick of relaxing... All for a good cause, though!

Thanks for your note on my update - I can't believe I'm a medium responder! Wow. I also got email from my nurse who said my numbers are well-within normal.

Have a great weekend! Tell those stickies I told them to STAY PUT!

CAM said...

Ok...keep taking care of yourself so that you can keep relaying the good posts!
Love love that Everclear song!
You have inspired me to make a mix cd...

tipsymarie said...

I am glad to hear things have been so boring! Boring is good.

Sarah said...

okay seriously, you have a bunch of my favorite songs on your list. i mean it IS true that i have about 55,000 favorite songs, but still, your #10-12 are very close to the top, and 2, 4, 7, and 15 are way up there too.

last year during a difficult time i listened to only living boy in NY over and over and over for probably three weeks straight. back then i NEVER thought i'd use the P-word. it's cool to listen to it now and feel something so different. what a fantastic song.