Monday, August 13, 2007

Vying for good parking and dogs...

I don’t think I’ve ever shared with you before my pure unadulterated hatred for the reserved parking for expectant mothers that have been popping up in the parking lots of my favorite stores all over town. (Okay, maybe they’ve always been around, but I have started noticing them more and more with every month of our infertility.) Everytime I've gone to the grocery store or Targ*t or the mall for the past I-don’t-know-how-long I’ve been tricked by one of these fake-me-out spots right near the door. And everytime, I drive up to the front and just as I'm about to pull into my fabulous parking find, I'm faced with the reality that there is yet another thing we infertiles can’t have: good parking.

I mean, come on, they’re already PREGNANT, do they really need to rub it in our faces by taking all of the good parking, too?

Anyhow, yesterday hubby was being SUPER cranky, so I decided to escape to Targ*et for some fun afternoon shopping. (Why do I love you so, Tar-jay?) And, when I came upon the “parking for expectant mothers” I was THIS close to parking there. I mean, I know I don’t have a fancy baby bump, and I know I haven’t seen a heartbeat, but fuck that. I got a positive pregnancy test and damnit, I deserve the good parking that goes along with it, right?*


In other news, several of you were terribly excited to learn more about our smooshy dog. I don't blame you, really. He's the most interesting member of the family.

Unfortunately, we're not big take-lots-of-pictures-of-the-doggie kind of people, but here's one that's fairly cute (though it doesn't show his full smooshiness). But he is the greatest dog ever. We really feel like we hit the dog lottery with him. Which was a good thing, because he was actually our second attempt in 2006 to get a dog.

Our first attempt was the month after our miscarriage in April when we adopted a dog from a local private non-profit. When we began looking, we told the woman who ran the non-profit that, above all else, we needed a dog with no history of aggression. While we were certainly willing to work with certain training issues that we know can come with adopted dogs, aggression was a non-negotiable. We're first time dog owners and I knew we weren't equipped to deal with that, not least of which because we have lots of kids in our life (and want some of our own) and could never forgive ourselves if something happened to any of them.

The woman understood, and said she's only recommend we meet dogs that had been fully temperament tested, etc.

So, we met one dog we liked decided to take the plunge.

Two weeks after we got him, we found out that he had not only had a serious history of aggression, but had bitten three people in a year, the most recent of which was an adult who needed 15 stitches in his face. (Thankfully, he had not done anything while we had him, though he did have two strange episodes that seemed a touch aggressive--enough that I actually emailed the woman back to ask again about his history.) Our vet told us, as responsible dog owners, there was only one thing to do--to put him to sleep.

So, right after our miscarriage, the day of our second anniversary, two weeks after we got our new dog, and after many calls to the humane society, SPCA, etc., all of whom said they couldn't take a dog with a known history of aggression, we had to put him to sleep.

It was, needless to say, very upsetting.

Finally, in October, we got up the courage to try again to get a dog. This time we went with a breeder instead of trying to adopt. It was initially more expensive, but it was the right decision.

He was 10 months old when we got him--and fully trained (how lucky, huh!). The breeder had been showing him, but he had grown a quarter inch too tall for the breed standard, so couldn't show him anymore. And because she is only a small hobby breeder, she couldn't keep him.

He's a pretty funny dog, too. He's got funny little quirks that match our family pretty well because, well, we're quirky, too.

And, aside from this blog, he's been the best distraction and catharsis during our IF journey. And so I'm hoping it's a good omen that for us, the second time's a charm...

*Sadly, I’m way too much of a wuss. Also, because I’m such a believer in jinxing, if something ever did go wrong, I’m sure I’d be certain it had something to do with my flagrant disregard of Targ*t’s parking rules. *sigh*


Kristen said...

OMG, that parking always chaps my ass too! I say park there. What are they going to say - you can't park there? YOU ARE PREGNANT!

Your doggie is so cute. I just want to run my fingers across his hair :)

Amy R said...

I have never heard of this 'pregnant women parking' bit. Thats crazy! And you have the cutest dog :)

Sarah said...

what a gorgeous dog. i got goosebumps about the good omen, i think you're right! you'll be taking the sweet parking spot within a few months (i never thought i would either, but we DO deserve it, afterall)!

Waiting Amy said...

He is certainly smooshy! I'm so sorry you had a bad experience with rescue! There are some wonderful groups our there, but occasionally ones that give rescuing a bad name. While I hate for an animal to be put down due to behavior, it is inexcusable for them to place any dog with a significant history of (multiple events of) aggression. Some people take "saving" them a little too far.

Hope you are hanging in and can't wait til u/s day with you!

Reproductive Jeans said...

I hate those damn signs....HATE them. I mean, I can understand when a woman who gets out of her car and is about to POP...
Such a cute pup--but so sorry to hear all you had to go through with the other dog too--yikes--talk about lemon juice in an open wound.

Erin said...

What a sweet pooch! We had a similar story - we were told our fist dog was 4 months old and had been left at the shelter recently, but as it turned out he was nearer to a year and had been a stray for most of his life. He was always a little scary, but then he bit our friend and then went after my 3 yr old niece. That was the end for him - sort of, the nonprofit that helped us find him actually - ACTUALLY sent him to a farm to live.

Now we have a perfect pooch and couldn't be happier. Maybe our troubles becoming dog parents are metaphors for becoming people parents and the good times really are to come?

One final thought - did the creators of Target know that it would be such a useful therapeutic tool?

Ms. Planner said...

I am sooo sorry to hear about your story with the first dog. We have a very similar story with a dog that we adopted. Heartbreaking.

Thanks for sharing pics of your dog. With Gus, our golden, I spent a small fortune with a breeder but he has had little health problems (knock on wood) and the best disposition.

And I hear you on the Target parking signs.

megan said...

i've seen "family" parking, but never "expectant mother" parking! that seems a bit much. you TOTALLY should have parked there. you fit the description after all!

you're pup is adorable!

Bumble said...

We only have the parkings here for "Parents with Kids" also right near the door etc. Pees me right off and always rubbed it in my face that I could NOT park there! Don't know which arse came up with that idea. Must be fertile.

CAM said...

When I am in a particularly crabby ass mood I park in those spots just because they annoy me! I mean, who is really going to ask or inquire?!
I think, to be fair, they should make spots for the infertiles who are bloated and miserable from all the medications!

Natalie said...

Your dog is so cute!!!

I'm so sorry about that first doggy adoption attempt. Wow. That is just terrible. :(

Chris said...

Too funny about the parking! I see it and long for the day I can take advantage of it. Good for you for joining the club. Take advantage of it!