Friday, December 28, 2007

How yuppie am I?

A few weeks ago, as I was poking around looking for a diaper bag, I happened upon an extremely cute one from K@te Sp@de. (Okay fine, I "happened" upon it at Whatever.) Anyhow, I've been wondering just how ridiculous it would be to get it. I mean, I'm sure there are much more practical, cheaper bags that are also cute. But I just thought this one was really cute. I mean, look at it:

Well, yesterday my aunt and I were shopping around and I wandered into the K@te Sp@de store and she bought it for me. (I actually felt a little guilty. I wasn't showing it to her asking her to buy it. I was just looking for someone to tell me I wouldn't be utterly ridiculous for getting it myself. But I confess to being really excited about it now that I have it! :-)

Sadly, I'm not really very hip, so this will likely be the only cute thing I'm toting around as I wear my $9 T@rget sweats, but whatever. It's still awfully cute.

Not much else to report from the holiday week. I've been enjoying having some time off and loafing around. We did the obligatory family visits on Christmas Eve and Christmas, which were fine. Nothing to dramatic to report from either, which is always a good thing.

In pregnancy-related news, I did pull the ligament that attaches to the right side of my pub1c bone last Friday when I was shopping for hubby's gift. I wasn't able to walk for a full day. Good times. It's definitely gotten better, but it was a cruel reminder that, not only can I not do the things I used to, but I guess I also can't do the things my 90 year old grandmother can. A small price to pay, to be sure.

Other than that, the stickies seem to be doing well. We had an ob appointment on the 26th and the heartbeats sounded good. It took this doctor a little more time than I'm comfortable with to find sticky A's heartbeat, but when she did it sounded great. And my blood pressure is still looking good, which is always comforting.

The only thing that's been making me a tad nervous is that I've been having what I like to call "uterine awareness" lately. I can't say I'm feeling cramps or anything, but I'm feeling something going on down there. I've been poking around and haven't noticed any uterine tightening, so I'm pretty sure (I think) they're not contractions, but still. I hate to feel anything other than kicks. I'm hoping that they'll just go away, but I have a feeling as I'm getting bigger and bigger by the second that I'm going to feel lots of odd twinges. I wish there was some sort of alert that went off to let you know when you needed to worry, though. Otherwise, I feel like I just worry all the time.

Speaking of getting bigger, at my Wednesday weigh-in I was officially up 30lbs. Wow. The doctor is really happy with my weight gain, and it appears to be right on track based on what my twin books say, but wow. 30lbs. I officially weigh more than hubby. I feel E-N-O-R-M-O-U-S. I'm trying not to even think about it because I know it's good for the stickies, but it's hard to suddenly turn off all of the societal pressure to be thin just like that. I am trying to keep my spirits up, though, and have turned it into a game. I've been having weigh-offs with hubby and my brother. Now that I've bested hubby, I'm telling my brother he should watch his back. He thinks he's safe at 185, but since I'm tipping the scales at 172 right now, I'm liking my chances.


Belly Laughs said...

The bag is very cute! I think I am going to be stuck with a HUGE LL Bean boat bag to get around with three babies!

And I hear you about the weight gain -- I have gained 50lbs so far and I hope to gain another 10-15lbs which would put me close to 200lbs -- ARE YOU KIDDING?! But it is all for the babies and someday it will (mostly) all come off since we'll be too busy with multiples to eat...right?

Meghan said...

Very cute bag!

Glad all things are well with the stickies!

E said...

I LOVE that bag and I'm sure it will look great with your sweats! I'm so glad the stickies are looking and sounding good!

Good luck catching up to your brother!

Diana said...

The bag is ADORABLE!! Love it!

anna said...

I want that bag! Instead, I think I'll be stuck with the babies r us special, but oh well!
Let's put on the weight, shall we?! I know what you mean about shaking off society's weight expectations. I still cringe a bit at the great weigh-in at every OB visit. I've gained about 30 lbs already and have my hubby beat by about 10 lbs! Glad to hear you're doing o.k...happy new year!

Chris said...

I'm so glad you are doing so well, and I absolutely love your new bag. In fact, I'm more jealous of the fact that you have such a cute bag than the fact that you are pregnant and I'm not!

Mary Ellen and Steve said...

How cute is that bag?!

So glad that all is well.

Ms. Planner said...

I almost bought a KS diaper bag as a lap top bag years before I was knocked up b/c they are so damn cute. I am glad you now own such an adorable tote :)

And the weigh offs. What a good idea! The weight thing has been hard for me but your post made me giggle about it.

Sarah said...

SUPER cute bag!! and congrats on the appt! uterine awareness is the perf way to describe what i felt off and on for the last few months, i believe it's totally normal! once i felt the real contractions at delivery i realized those probably were braxton hicks, even though i never felt any muscle tightening or hardening either. it was more menstrual crampish i think? anyway, very normal.