Monday, December 10, 2007

Two quick updates

First, thanks so much for your thoughts on whether you share your blog with people irl and how much, if at all, it causes you to censor yourself. You definitely gave me some additional food for thought. The long and short of it is, I'm not going to share, selfish as it may sound. For lots of reasons, but mainly because I just don’t think I’m ready to have people I know reading and checking in on this. (And, frankly, I’m not sure I’ll ever be.) I actually went back and read all of my posts (which was fascinating, btw—what an interesting account of the past year) and realized that there are so many posts that are just raw and that I’m sure I’d couch very differently when talking to people irl.

I think most of us think of our blogs as a “safe space,” and on some level that would be changed if I knew someone else was reading everything I wrote. Sure, I know that, since the url is technically public and searchable, I’m exposed to some risk, but that’s much different than willingly giving the address away so that people know its me and check in on it regularly.

Second, I think it's been a while since I've updated you on the stickies, but they seem to be doing well. I had another ultrasound today (I’m 23 ½ weeks), and I feel really good about how it went. Despite the fact that both stickies are breech right now (though that can apparently change at any point now), they are otherwise looking good. They weigh 1.5 and 1.6 lbs, respectively, which is apparently the average for a singleton at this point (wahoo!). And it looks like my weight gain is on track—I’ve gained about 23lbs (yikes!) and I’m supposed to gain at least 25 by week 25 or 26 (I can’t remember exactly). And I was truly excited to find out that my cervix was more than 4cm long, which they were thrilled about as well. (They like to see anything over 3cm, so they were pretty happy with more than 4.) I go back for the next u/s in three weeks on January 2nd. (Can you believe that the new year is in three weeks?!) After that, I guess they’re going to want me to start coming in more frequently to make sure everything is still on track through the end. Fingers crossed that it is!


The Dunn Family said...

sounds like everything is going great. I am actually contemplating creating a private blog. Not private as in not publice, but one that I don't share with anyone. My blog is checked by everyone I know as it was a way to share info about the babies after they were born. But being that that is the case, I very rarely talk about personal and private things. Reading so many of your very honest blogs has made me want to have a special place for myself like that.

E said...

Yay! So glad to hear everything's going well with the lil stickies, and congrats on your nice, long cervix. (Never thought I'd be saying that!)

Can't blame you a bit for keeping your blog to yourself.

Happy 23.5 weeks!

Oh - I love Shirley Temples, too, I always feel so "wild" when I ask for lots of cherries, but it was just a bit sad to see that my drinking buddies all had their fingers up their noses and were eating chicken fingers.

Dov said...

I think it is fine to keep the blog to yourself. I'm sure you are providing your SIL with lots of support.

GO stickies! And you, you with the cervix that goes on for days! You go GIRL!

Natalie said...

Yeah, you definitely change how you write things when you KNOW someone is reading.

I'm so glad everything is looking good, your cervix is nice and long, and the babies are good! Wahoo!

Mary Ellen and Steve said...

So glad that all is well with the little ones!

Belly Laughs said...

Congrats on another great appt. and u/s. It's just awesome!!!

MichelleAnn said...

I haven't checked on your blog in a while. Glad to hear that your "Stickies" are doing so well!! Your cervical length is great (coming from someone whose was 1.5cm at your gestation and then went to .5 a week later!!). You know you have a good doctor when they are checking for that!!

I couldn't decide whether to tell any of my friends about my blog. I told one, but wish I wouldn't have. I feel like I have "check" everything I put down.

I hope you have a great holiday!!

anna said...

Congrats on the good ultrasound! We're just pluggin along, aren't we?! My blog is also checked by a lot of colleagues and family members, and I've actually had to revise something I wrote because someone's feelings were hurt. So yeah, keeping it private would probably be better. Too bad I can't keep much of anything private!
I'm glad to hear your stickies are doing so great. Soon, we'll be in the final leg of our pregancies through which I think we've both been holding our breath that everything goes o.k. My thoughts are with you and your stickies!

Sarah said...

hope the 1/2 appt was just as reassuring!