Monday, January 21, 2008

Updates and baby showers

I feel like there’s much to share from the past several days.

First, thankfully, I did pass my glucose screening. (Hooray!) I’m both glad to not have to take the 3-hour version and that I’m in the clear of GD.

But—there’s always a but, isn’t there?—they did discover when they did my bloodwork that my iron is low. I can’t say I’m shocked. I’ve basically never eaten red meat in my life. Not for any reason other than that I’ve always hated just about all meats. I can remember sitting at the dinner table for hours as a kid. My mom and dad would be desperate for me to eat just ONE BITE of steak or something, and I wouldn’t do it. I would sit there and have a staring contest with the meat until finally, after a LONG time, my parents would give up. (Oh, yeah, I’m really stubborn, too, in case that wasn’t obvious. ☺)

I do get iron from other sources—enriched cereal, black beans, leafy greens, etc. But, lately I’ve been having a hard time eating all of the things I’m supposed to be. (I guess it must be because the stickies are getting big and not leaving a lot of room for my stomach. At least I hear that’s what happens. All I know is that I’m not all that hungry anymore.)

Anyhow, the point is that I wasn’t shocked. And the doctors aren’t that concerned. But, I do have to take an iron supplement twice a day, which isn’t going to help the….um…digestive system, if you know what I mean.

A small price to pay, to be sure…

In other news, in an effort to try to track my bp at home after my last peri appointment, I got a bp monitor, and the pressure has been nice and low ever since that incident. Sure, I have been working from home since then, so that could be helping, but my ob/gyn thinks that it was most likely just a fluke. I still need to take it easy, to be safe, but they’re not overly worried about it, which is great. Actually, what the ob said was, “You were with Dr. XX, weren’t you?”

“Yes, as a matter of fact.”

“Yeah, we’re thinking of taking that bp cuff away from her,” she joked. “She’s constantly sending people to L&D with high blood pressure, and they never display any other symptoms—or bp again—outside of her office.”

I don’t know how true that is, but I’m happy they aren’t too concerned. (And that my bp was fine at my appointment on Thursday.) The true test will be at my next u/s with my peri, which is slated for a week from today. Fingers crossed that the stickies’ growth is on track and the bp is still low!

And, the big non-medical-related news is that I had my shower Saturday. Me and J. Lo, apparently. It went really well, though I admit to being exhausted afterwards. I generally hate showers—mine and others’—but I think people had a pretty good time. And, most importantly, my wonderful friends made sure to speed up the opening of the presents so that there was a limit to the enforced ooo-ing and ahh-ing. And everyone was wonderfully generous—the stickies are going to be very spoiled with love from all of our families and friends. We’re really very lucky, and yesterday was a nice reminder of that.

But, wow. I had my shower. That means I have all of this….well, all of this BABY stuff. It seems SO surreal! This is really starting to settle in…g-d willing, we might actually bring home TWO babies in just a matter of weeks. Wow. And holy sh*t!

The other thing that is making the reality sink in a bit more is that I’ve joined a moms of multiples group. Right now I’ve only been involved on the listserve, but it’s VERY active. And, based on the traffic and questions I've seen, I’m really realizing just how unbelievably overwhelming it’s going to be, especially at first. One woman, who just gave birth to premature twins two weeks ago, posted that it takes her and her husband 2 hours to feed the babies. And that the babies need to be fed every three hours. So she basically hasn’t slept in two weeks. But, what she’s really worried about is what the hell she’s going to do when her husband goes back to work next week.

The Moms were all wonderfully supportive—they offered all kinds of advice, but were basically like, “yeah, you’re not going to sleep for a good long while. But, we promise, this too shall pass.”

So, yeah. I'm scared. I mean, there's no way to prepare for what lies in store, no matter how "ready" we are.

Of course, I'm really excited to be here. Thrilled. But I suppose excitement and terror go hand in hand, really.

And, really, this intersection of excitement and terror isn't such a bad place to be. :-)


Waiting Amy said...

I am so glad the bp was all okay! And no GD! Wonderful!

I can imagine your fear and excitement! I have such a long time to go, but I'm already worrying! You will do great and they will be amazing!

Diana said...

YAY for having your shower and passing the GD test!!!

I just did my registry this weekend and had the same feeling. WOW, where will we put all this stuff!! I imagine it will be worse at the shower seeing all the stuff in front of me!

Jan said...

Huh-uh! Not everyone will have it that bad! But for heaven's sake get some help lined up in case you need it...and you will survive, and then having twins is downright FUN! :)


Anonymous said...

A friend who had low iron swore by cocowheats.

Becks said...

Really pleased everything went well with the glucose screening and as for showers wow...send one my way will ya?

Not long to go!!

Dianne/Flutter said...

Sticky - so glad things are going well. :).

onthecurb said...

Hey! I just wandered across your site searching for 'sticky buns.' Go figure. :-)

Congrats on the twins. If it's any consolation, I just gave birth to two hip and happenin' babes (boy/girl) almost 3 weeks ago. I rarely sleep, but we're surviving. Your body adapts to the 30 minutes of sleep it gets here and there. Man, I can't imagine how productive I might have been in college had I learned to function on so little sleep. ;-)

Ann said...

Hey there Sticky, congrats on your shower. I hope to get there someday too!

I need your help: In reading through your archives, I notice you were rather obsessed with betas and did lots of research. Could you hop on over to my blog and give me your "expert" opinion on mine?

Chris said...

Oh what fun! I'm so happy for you. I'm glad you were able to enjoy your shower, and glad that you are feeling well too.

Ms. Planner said...

YOU had YOUR baby shower! I love writing those words. I think I am just as excited for the twins impending arrival as you are!