Tuesday, February 05, 2008

6 weeks 3 days (or less!) left

Amy reminded me that I need to update you on what’s going on with the stickies. It’s really hard to believe, but on Thursday I’ll be 32 weeks pregnant. Just wow.

In the way of an update, here’s where things stand:

Last week, we had two big appointments--the first was with our perinatologist on Monday for an ultrasound. The stickies still seem to be thriving--one was 3lbs 6oz, one 3lbs11oz (the 47th and 57th percentile, respectively). Their fluid levels look great, they are now both head-down (a new development), and my cervix remains long and closed. So, really, as much as we could possibly hope for at this stage of the game. Fingers crossed that everything continues to go well, but we feel so fortunate that we've gotten this far and that things look this promising.

We also had an OB appointment on Thursday and the doc was equally pleased. And we actually started to talk seriously about delivering these babies, which was just bizarre. Long story short, neither the peri nor the ob want me to go past 38 weeks. So, our OB scheduled us for a c-section on Friday, March 21. Barely more than 6 weeks away.*


That's not to say that we've decided on a planned c-section. But the challenge is, if we haven't gone into labor by 38 weeks, they would induce. And, induction raises the risk of c-section. And I'm already at a higher risk with twins. And we want to avoid an emergency C at all costs.

Plus, the doctor explained to us that we're better off scheduling because we can always cancel the day before if we decide to try for a vaginal birth. But, apparently in the hospital where I’m delivering, the appointments fill up quickly, which means that if we didn't schedule the C, we'd be painting ourselves into a corner. So this helps us keep our options open. And we have a real due date, which is crazy.

And, just to keep the "holy sh*t this might actually happen" news coming, our cribs were delivered on Friday. So, we have cribs. Cribs! And our changing table is being delivered on Thursday. That both terrifies and excites me all at once.

In other news, J.Lo finally confirmed she’s pregnant with twins. Her father is saying it runs in her family, but I can tell you that I’m telling the same line to random people who ask me as well. (Hubby has a bunch of twins in his family. Granted, all but one set are from fertility treatments, but whatever…)

I’m pretty sure that me and J.Lo are due around the same time…is it wrong that I think it would be pretty cool to deliver at the same time? ☺

*Out of curiosity, I went back and read my post from when I was 6w3d pregnant just to marvel at how far we've come. I found it funny that it was this rant about "expectant mom" parking, because I've never gotten over that. I STILL have never parked in one. They just piss me off too much; I can't really explain why.


E said...

Yay! So glad for an update on the stickies! I can't believe you're 32 weeks already. So amazing. I'm so glad they're looking good.

I think your plan to schedule a c-section is a good one. Hopefully you won't need it (especially if they stay head down!) but it will be good to have your very own slot already set aside.

I'm so glad your pregnancy doppelganger, J-Lo has finally copped to her twins. Hello! I can understand wanting to keep some semblance of privacy, but it was high time she confirmed the twins. I heard she was delivering last weekend, but clearly that was BS. Maybe your stickies and the lil 'Lo's can be BFFs!!

Waiting Amy said...

Thanks for the news, it all sounds great! It gives me great hope to make it to the late 30s, cause I really want to get that far and deliver in LA.

Maybe Angelina will be my pregnancy doppelganger? My mom told me she announced twins too. Although I doubt she'll deliver in LA with me, probably Chile or something, right?

Sarah said...

!!!!!!!!!!!!!! indeed! So excited for you!! i had the same fears about induction but turned out c section wasn't nearly as likely as i thought. you can ask what the rate of c-sections is at your hospital and for your OB, and ask what the rate is for inductions and twins too. i'm sure the twin risk is higher, but it might be reassuring to find out exactly how high it is.

oh my gosh i'm so excited i can hardly stand it!!!

Diana said...

OMG you will be a mommy in 6 weeks! That is just crazy how fast time is going!!!!

Ms. Planner said...

Thank you so much for the update on the stickies. I cannot freaking believe that you are about 6 weeks out! Yeeee!

And I like your style in planning the c-section date. One less thing to stress over as the time draws near.