Monday, February 18, 2008

More on "that" room

I actually have much to update you on--from a maddening MIL story to why my office's "new" insurance company is the bane of my existence to a general stickies update (in short, all's well). But because we're glued to the TV to see if Obama is going to seal the deal with tonight's primary, I'll just share the latest photos of "that" room. It frightens and excites me more and more each day that, assuming all goes according to plan*, in just over 4 weeks or less these two cribs will be filled with beautiful little stickies. It's still so hard to wrap my mind around.

But, here's the evolution of the room. I'm really excited about how it's coming together.

(Hubby's mom actually made those quilts. They're awfully cute.)

(This is now the most comfortable chair in the house. I L-O-V-E it. We purposefully got a color that matched our living room so that, when it's time to move the glider from "that" room, we can just move it downstairs.)

What you can't see in the cribs are these:

I saw these two t-shirts when we were visiting Hubby's sister in the fall but I was, of course, nowhere near ready to buy them. So, SIL bought them for us for our shower, which was so thoughtful. (And she knitted those caps, too.) Very cute.

Note that there's nothing on the walls yet. We've been waiting to get the last of the furniture to see how it all came together. And we couldn't decide what "theme" to go with. We didn't want anything too gendered or over the top. We thought about a French theme, but it seemed too complicated to pull together. Hubby really wanted a jungle theme, but we struggled to find jungle themed stuff that wasn't over the top. But then I found this painting, which I picked up for hubby today. It's going to go on the center of the wall above the cribs. We're very excited; it's super cute.
The rest of it, we may purposely leave empty and get some shelving and put photos up. I'm a big photo person, so it would make sense.

In other news, Belly Laughs just brought home her three newborn boys. She was just two weeks ahead of me in her IVF cycle, so I've been following her journey pretty closely--particularly since she found out, after being told she was having two that there were actually three in there--and am so happy for her. Congrats, Belly to you and your boys!

* Yes, I still put that caveat in all the time. But, my optimism truly does grow everyday. So, keep your fingers crossed for me that things continue to go well and that we're blessed with two beautiful stickies sometime in March.


Tam said...

I continue to think about you all the time and pray that everything continues to go well with you and the stickies!!

Can't believe it's soooo close now, really surreal :)

The room looks beautiful sweetie, you guys have done a wonderful job!

All my love xxx

Caro said...

The room looks lovely - I really must take some pictures of my "that" room.

JJ said...

Its coming together--all so surreal, isnt it? Im so excited to meet your little ones!

LIW (Lady In Waiting) said...

I love that room. I LOVE that it is not over-the-top. It's very subtle and cozy.

Glad to hear that you will meet those two little ones soon!!


Somewhat Ordinary said...

The room is beautiful! Where did you get the chair? I'm still looking for one for my room.

Diana said...

That room is coming together very nicely! I love the picture! Very cute!!

Belly Laughs said...

Love the room!! So excited for you that the babies will be here soon. Thank you also for the "shout out!" We're loving every minute with the boys -- they are so cute! (And yes I still pinch myself every day that they are really here and I'm not just dreaming...)