Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The bonus round

I’m three hours away from being 36 weeks pregnant. From everything I’ve read, 36 weeks is “term” for twins. Term! Our perinatologist says that everyday after tomorrow is just a “gift,” a bonus, if you will.

Kind of exciting to be in the bonus round!

We’re now taking bets on when the stickies will arrive. My MIL has bet on tomorrow. It’s a bold bet given that I’m not having a single sign of impending labor, but whatever. Everybody else is betting on the week leading up to the 21st (my scheduled c-section date). So, now I guess we just wait and see.

At 36 weeks, I can definitely tell that my body is reaching the end of its ability to keep these little guys inside—my ankles are swelling when I’m just sitting around doing nothing. And doing ANYTHING that involves being out of the house is just exhausting. And I don’t think I’ve had skin this itchy in my life. We’re lathering that stretch mark oil on my belly multiple times a day. Not so much because I think it will help with the stretch marks, but rather because it’s the only thing greasy enough to hydrate my poor, overly stretched skin.

All of these minor* discomforts have also gotten me thinking more and more about all of the things that I am looking forward to about my post-pregnancy days. No, I’m not talking about cuddling with the stickies or taking home babies—though I am excited beyond words to do both. Nope, I’m talking about all of those daily things that I took for granted everyday of my adult life and that, post-pregnancy, I vow to enjoy every chance I get. Including:

5. Knowing when I need a bikini wax. I can’t tell you the last time I was able to see that area, but it’s been months. And, I can’t imagine the jungle that has developed, but can only imagine it’s hideous. And I feel powerless to stop it—not only because I can’t do a damn thing about it myself (without potentially subjecting myself to some very unpleasant cuts and scrapes), but because I fear I’ll scare the hell out of the poor esthetician I’ll get stuck with if I try to get some professional help.

4. Cutting my own toenails. Yup, just can’t do it anymore. I got a pedicure this weekend—THANK GOD—and now I just have to hope they don’t grow too overwhelmingly long before I deliver.

3. Not weighing almost 200lbs. There’s really nothing else to say about this one. I know it’s probably un-PC or something and I should be all one and zen with my pregnant body, but the truth is I miss having a more agile body and just being….well…smaller.

2. Walking. It used to be so easy. I’d leap off the couch or out of bed, and effortlessly stroll wherever it was I needed to go—to the kitchen, to the bathroom, etc. Now, I need a crane to get me up. And, once up, a journey of 10 steps seems like the length of a marathon. Whenever I wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, I actually negotiate with myself about whether it would be more uncomfortable to get up and walk to the bathroom or just wait it out for a little longer. It’s ridiculous, I realize, but what can you do…

1. Rolling over in bed. In my pre-pregnancy days, I used to flop all around—from my back to my stomach to a side. I used to glide through the smooshy sheets with nary a care and smoosh up against hubby without any struggles at all. Now, every time I need to change position, I wake up. I then have to deliberately reposition myself before I try to go back to sleep. (And, those back and stomach positions—my favorites, I might add—LONG gone.)

So, there you have it. I wish I had something more interesting or inspiring to report, but I think I'm losing brain cells by the day. (Apparently I should have been taking more DHA, huh?) In the meantime, no matter what lies ahead in the upcoming weeks, please wish us luck that the delivery is problem-free and that the stickies are healthy and happy!

*They really are minor. I’ve been very lucky with this pregnancy and am very grateful. I’m just reaching that “holy shit, is it possible that I might get bigger?!”


JJ said...

Wow...36 weeks! Cant wait to meet your little ones!

Ms. Planner said...

You are in the home stretch (no pun intended)! I am only 6-1/2 months and sometimes I feel like there is NO WAY I can get much bigger. And I'm only carrying one! Thank you for sharing - in your usual humorous way - all that I have to look forward to in the coming months. :)

Diana said...

Good luck with your delivery! I guess it is any day now!

anna said...

Congrats on reaching 36 weeks!!! You've braved it this far and have done so well. I certainly echo all the things you've missed about not being pregnant. These last few weeks of the pregnancy have made it abundantly clear to me that I'm ready to get my body back soon! Good luck with the delivery. I'll be waiting anxiously for any news!

Sarah said...

congratulations on 36 weeks!!! i'm completely overjoyed for you!

(and DHA didn't save my brain cells either...)

Waiting Amy said...

I am so happy for my first bloggy friend! 36 weeks is amazingly wonderful! Woo Hoo!

You give me hope that I can make as far and smoothly. Here's to a continued smooth road ahead with beautiful stickies along the way!

MichelleAnn said...

I use to read your blog all the time before and right after you got pregnant with the "stickies." I lost all my blogs when our computer crashed so I'm so happy I found you again!

Congrats on making it to 36 weeks!! I have twins, but I didn't make it as far as you (I made it to 33 weeks, 5 days). I was miserable then so I can't imagine what moms that carry as far as you have or even longer feel like!

Dianne/Flutter said...

WOOHOO! 36 weeks with twins! Excellent news and I am most definitely hoping and praying for you.