Friday, June 06, 2008

A different world

I have this cousin, let’s call her the single most fertile person in the world. She got pregnant with her first child the MONTH her husband has his vasectomy reversed. The same month! That was just a couple of months before our first miscarriage, and at the beginning of our infertility journey.

Flash forward two plus years to this May. We’re at the stickies’ christening and she casually mentions to me that they want to start trying for number two in December, because they’d like to have a baby next fall.

“So, you’re assuming you’re going to get pregnant the first month trying again.”

“Well, yeah. We’re counting on it.”

“Even though you’re 35 and it could take, oh, I don’t know, more that one wild night to get pregnant.”

“*blink* *blink* Well, anyhow, it’s probably a moot point because we probably got pregnant last night.”


“Yeah, I’m pretty sure we got pregnant last night because we forgot to use anything.”

Flash forward 14 days.

“Hi, sticky! So, yeah, we’re pregnant. I wanted to wait to tell you until the doctor confirmed it.* I knew that was going to happen. I’m so annoyed because I really didn’t want to be seven months pregnant at my brother’s wedding in the fall.”

“Yeah, it can be tough when things don’t go exactly as planned, huh?”

Just wow…it’s a different world, huh?

*I’m not sure what she meant by “wait” to tell me. HPTs aren’t always even positive that damn early!


Meghan said...

ohhh...that's obnoxious! I can't even imagine thinking like that. But least we don't have to worry about 1 wild night or birth control, right?!?!

Sarah said...

are you going to be at this wedding? drink LOTS of champagne and enjoy yourself immensely while she waddles around with her glass of water.