Monday, August 25, 2008

Daddy's Little Architect

I know several bloggers more eloquent than I have quite rationally ranted against the horribly sexist clothing that seems to be the only option for our daughters. I join them in their fury--it's MADDENING that the only options for our girls are frilly, pink, and princess-themed.

But, while I remain frilly-averse, I've sort of gotten used to the pink thing. On the one hand, monkey girl looks super cute in hot pink. But also, she's got a firey personality and I'm certain that she's wearing pink with a deep sense of irony.

What continues to really get me, though, is that I can't find much for my little girl that isn't princess themed. This pisses me off on so many levels. First, my daughter is five months old--she quite literally has her whole life ahead of her. She has nothing but potential, and yet the best that we can hope for, apparently, is that she grow up to be a helpless, defenseless, submissive, PRINCESS. That she aspire to nothing more than waiting idly by for a knight in shining armor who will come and sweep her off her feet. And if that prince never comes, well, I guess we're supposed to believe she doesn't live happily ever after? That her life is somehow incomplete?

Are you fucking kidding me, people?

So, because I've had it, I went on a rant to a poor unsuspecting soul who had the audacity to buy a bib with a picture of a frog prince on the front and which said "princess" across the top. (Sorry, mom.)

And, right after my rant, I started to mentally go through all of the bibs and onesies we've gotten and realized that, while I have a few for sweet potato that say things like "daddy's little helper," or "dad's team," none that were bought specifically for monkey girl had her as anything but passive and submissive.*

So, I went online tonight and bought her this. I'm thinking of getting a whole damn clothing line of my own to match--no princess themes allowed. Who's with me?

*Yes, I do of course dress monkey girl in some of the other clothes. But I know that they weren't intended for her, and the intent still irks me, even if I'm working around it on my own.


E said...

I am so with you. The girls' clothes available are just so fucked up. How hard it is to come up with decent outfits for them? It's like there is this belief that it's either princess or bitch - there's no in between.

I keep meaning to buy this for Sarah.

So, let's see some pics of this fiery little hot-pink wearer and her bro!

geepeemum said...

Ooh, I'm only a lurker but I had to comment here. I'm so with you on this one. Also on the whole Disney stories thing whic, howewver hard you try, still comes at them from every angle. My daughter is 5 now and still hasn't actually watched a Disney princess movie but still knows all the stories - and knows my ranting about how she will never have to just sit and wait to be rescued from something but can get out there and save herself... BUT I also have a 3 year old son and I hate his clothes even more. At least with my daughter (now anyway) I can find some clothes in a range of colours and styles (and maybe we're luckier in the UK?) But if I want a top for my son with writing on it they all say things like "Here comes trouble" or "0 to naughty in 2 seconds" and I hate that he is automatically stereotyped as difficult or troublesome because he's a boy. (And inside one of his pairs of trousers it gives the washing and ironing instructions and then adds "Or give them to your woman. That's her job". Not kidding. Good thing my 3 year old a) can't read and b) already knows how to set the washing machine. Also not kidding).

Sarah said...

i've found you can get around all that crap if you're willing to spend a small fortune on the wardrobe? it gets better when they're bigger too, once they're in toddler sizes there seem to be a lot more options. still, VERY annoying.

Waiting Amy said...

Oh Sticky! I agree to. Maybe we can get a bunch of us together and start that clothing line! I have no business experience, but I've got ideas!

Lately little Peaches has had some constipation and fiesty times in the NICU, and I can't stand it when the nurses chide me that she's acting like a "little princess" and being demanding. UGH.

Ms. Planner said...

Oh sister! Am I with you. And I agree with the commenter who noted that there are decent girls clothes out there but they cost a small fortune. I've even stopped shopping at the main offenders, like T@rget, because of this. I just haven't gotten my ass in gear to write them a letter about it.

We need to organize. I am serious. We need an outlet to broadcast this message. Does anyone have any ideas?

My friends with older girls keep saying, just wait until she hits the princess phase. But I don't remember going through a princess phase when I was young. I wanted to be Wendy Darling or Tiger Lily, not some random princess. It's just one big Disney plot if you ask me.

I want to make Missy a t-shirt that reads, "I am not your effin princess"

K @ ourboxofrain said...

I agree wholeheartedly with what you wrote and with what the previous commenters have written as well. This was one of the primary reasons we decided not to find out the sex of our child beforehand -- and people's reactions only made me more comfortable with that decision. "We don't know what to buy" -- pu-lease! Why should an infant be socially gendered before they even enter the world?

If I have a daughter, she can be a girly girl OR she can be a tomboy, and likewise if I have a son. And I will NOT buy them clothing that reinforces some ridiculous set of stereotypes. Ugh. I was never a princess, and DH was never a naughty boy, and I like to think that we turned out fine.

Happy Veggie said...

So so with you. I love my daughter in pink, because she has no hair, and bright pinks look good on the girl. However, she doesn't need to be rescued, damnit.
If you're looking for good stuff, no princesses, I like going to our Outlet mall. It requires some searching, but I do love the Hannah Andersson outlet.

anna said...

Yeah, I'm with you on this one. I personally am tickled pink when I just throw all the babes' clothes in one big drawer and dress each one in whatever I pull out. Turns out that Xavier looks great in pink as well, and Stella's sporting those little trucks and random tools on her onesies like no other! Forget the princess crap!

onthecurb said...

Ugh, we are flooded with Princess clothes here - my girls' grandmother has burned a path between the Sears Princess clothing department and our house. I tried to purposefully keep my toddler out of pink but gave in as, yeh, she, too, is a cutie in pink. But, she also wears the entire rainbow of colors. The Princess clothes only see the light of day when everything else is dirty or we're going to a really nasty, muddy playground. ;-)

docgrumbles said...

I was just noting how insanely pink and princess-themed my niece's wardrobe is!

If someone starts a "smart girl" themed clothing line, I would certainly buy from it!

Nearlydawn said...

I'm not really sure what it would take to get a clothing business going, but would so love to see some options for boys that were not pupies or trucks and for girls that isn't princessed to death.

My friends have all LOVED the geek clothing our son has gotten. He has a shirt that says "I TCPIP, but mostly IP". Gotta love it.