Thursday, October 02, 2008

Crawling and colds

Yes, that’s right, my 6 month old babies are crawling. Well, Sweet Potato is full-on crawling. Monkey Girl is almost there. She’s got forward motion and can get from point A to point B, but it’s not technically a crawl yet.

Oh, and sweet potato has started pulling up as well.

Did I mention these children are 6 months old?

Holy sh*t, we’re in trouble.

I of course ran out to BRU to get gates. Ironically, I ran into a couple who had twins. The twins were snuggled nicely into their car seats, riding in the double snap n go. I thought to myself, “I remember those days, when we could take the kids on errands like that. Back in those months where they’d sleep anywhere and didn't want to be on the move every. waking. moment.”

So, as I gazed at the one was snoozing away, and the other placidly looking around. I asked, “oh, how old?”

“6 months.”


I don't know what you've experienced, but the two six month olds I know are a.) in bed by 6:30 (frequently by 6:00) every night and b.) if they were awake, they'd be crawling all over BRU, not happily looking around from their carseats.

I'm not complaining. They're super-fun. We went to the aquarium last weekend and they actually really enjoyed it. Sweet potato particularly loved the frogs. And monkey girl pet a starfish. So, I'm glad they're moving into an age when they can really enjoy things.

But you better believe that the gates are going up this weekend!

In other news, my two sweet little babies have the beginnings of their first cold. You know who gave it to them? Me.

Crap. I suck.

I just hope it isn't too bad. I know they have to get sick eventually, but it makes me so sad.


But, to leave us on a high note, look how big they've gotten!