Sunday, November 09, 2008

S*x and the CIty

So I was lying in bed, mindlessly reading my US Weekly, and discovered that they are thinking of making a sequel to S@x and the City: The Movie.

Did anyone else see the first? Was it me or was it not AWFUL? Seriously. It was impressively bad. I mean, I was expecting chick-flick bad. You know, the kind of bad where we all recognize it's not great cinema, but it's fun to watch with your girlfriends.

But SATC didn't even qualify as that. One of my best friends was up for the weekend, hubby had made himself scarce. We broke open a bottle of wine and ordered it up on Apple TV. Then, we sat through an excruciatingly painful hour and a half and I wondered how it was that I could enjoy the series so much when I hated the movie so viciously.

And now they are making ANOTHER. And we all know that sequels are far worse than the original. (Except The G*dfather. Or so I hear, I've never actually seen it.)

Anyhow, it just sounds awful to me. They've already made each of the four women an absolute caricature of her role in the series, I can't imagine what that's going to look like in the next movie. Worse, I suppose. I hope SJP has the good sense not to do it...

In other news...well...there's really not much. The stickies are 7.5 months old. The crawling thing is old news by now, I guess, though it still amazes me how fast they are. And they pull up. They're like little adult babies. They eat like crazy, too, though still seem like little peanuts to me. I guess they're just burning off a crazy amount of energy each day.

We haven't really talked much more about January. (You know, that hubby was talking about transferring the sticksicles in January? Yeah. That.) I suspect we won't do it that early. I'm not really feeling ready to jump into that again. I suspect we'll wait until at least the stickies' first birthday, if for no other reason than to really be able to enjoy it without adding any complications to the mix.

I have to say I have really mixed feelings about going into the TTC world again. I mean, we hit the jackpot. Two beautiful, healthy babies: a boy and a girl. Isn't that when you're supposed to cut your losses? I'm just so afriad something bad might happen that would put a damper on our happiness, you know?

And, the thing is, I'm really happy right now. Tired? Of course. Stressed? No question. But happy. I love monkey girl and sweet potato so much. Hubby and I have, I think, settled into parenthood really nicely. (Sure, we can be kind of a disaster, but in all the normal ways. Nothing out-of-the ordinary, which in my mind is the definition of success, you know?)

So, we'll see what happens.

My last thought is a bit bittersweet. I don't know if you've been feeling this way, but it seems to me that so many of my bloggy friends have either stopped blogging altogether, or post so infrequently. (Yes, I realize I fall into that category.) It makes me sad. This blog was such a huge part of my journey to parenthood and now I feel like a chapter of it is closing. And, the thing is, irl, I keep in touch with my closest friends. I don't just drift apart. So, it's kind of weird to have online friends who know more intimate details about parts of my journey than real-life friends who I'll likely just never talk to again.

I guess in one way it's kind of beautiful. These wonderful women were brought into my life at exactly the moment I needed them and provided the support I needed. But, still. When I surfed over to Anna's blog this week and read that she would no longer be blogging, it was definitely kind of sad.

Wishing you the best, my friend! I hope that our paths cross again.