Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Let me preface this by saying that I know I'm enormously biased, but MG and SB are the sweetest kids I've ever met.

You see, MG likes the chew on (clean) diapers. Don't ask me why. We have a room full of toys, three quarters of which are designed to be, you know, TEETHING toys, and MG makes a bee line to the diapers when we take them out and starts chewing.

Well, today, MG was gnawing away on a (clean) diaper. As she was chewing, sweet potato started to get fussy across the room. As he was crying, MG stopped chewing and looked up at her crying brother. She then stood up, walked over to SB, handed him her diaper, and took another toy.

I could cry that's so sweet.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

We're walking...

Monkey Girl took her first steps yesterday. Three then five. It was a big day.

For her, it was the realization of nine and a half months of hard work. She's been DYING to walk since the day she was born, I swear! She's been "standing" in our laps for as long as she could hold her head up. And, while sweet potato was the first to crawl, Monkey Girl has been practicing crusing and walking like it's her job.

So, hat's off, MG! You are now even more terrifyingly mobile.

It's also kind of bittersweet though because, as far as I can tell, the next mobility milestone involves, what? Riding a bicycle? Driving? Yikes...

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Living up to his name

We met with Smirky today and he was, well, smirky. That guy just really cracks me up. He's really socially awkward. But in an endearing way.

The whole appointment lasted all of about 20 minutes. It turns out there wasn't much to talk about; it's a fairly straightforward process.

He walked us through the basics at first. "You delivered on March 21 via c-section?" Yes. "Any complications?" No. "On any new medication?" No. Are your periods regular?

Um...well, I still haven't gotten one.

That got a classic smirky smirk. His head cocked up from our file and he looked at me crooked. "Are you breastfeeding or something?" Yes. "Oh."

Then he went into the details. "You've got two embryos. And, just to give you some context, the two we transferred last time were 3bc and 3bb. 4 is best and A is best so they were....well, I guess they were fine, huh?"


"Well, the two that are frozen we grew out to day six and they were frozen at 4bb. So, technically around the same, maybe a little better than the other two. But, they took longer to get there, so maybe they're not quite as stable. Nobody really knows?"

As an aside, one of the things I really like about Smirky is that he has this really unpretentious way about him. Despite out of this world success rates and being a world-class doctor, he is really honest about what he knows and doesn't know, and about what we can count on and what we just can't.

After the basics overview, I told him that I know zero about FET so had some general questions, but was really looking for any information he could share. And, as usual, Smirky gave us the straight dope.

In short, the sticksicles were frozen together, so will have to be thawed and transferred together. We asked if there were other options, because we are a little scared about transferring two again, and he basically said no. (Unless we want to discard an embryo, which we don't.) So, in some ways, that made that decision easier. No less terrifying, mind you, but easier nonetheless.

The FET success rate (for someone my age--33) is about 33%. So, after I wean the stickies and actually get a period, I got back for a hysterosonorgram (sp?) and some basic blood work. Then, I start two weeks of estrogen. When my lining is nice and thick, we go in for the transfer and the thaw the embryos the same day.

There is of course a chance that one or both of the sticksicles wouldn't make it through the thaw, but he thought that was unlikely.

Once I got in for the transfer, I'm on the beloved PIO until the beta or, if it's positive, for as many as TEN additional weeks. Worth it? Yes. Hell on wheels? Yessirree.

So, there you have it. Assuming all goes according to plan, we will transfer two sticksicles sometime this spring.

I do have to say I'm a little spooked at the prospect of two sets of twins, but there's nothing to be done about that. I won't jeopardize our sticksicles, so we'll play the cards we're dealt. And, as hubby said when I asked him what the hell we'd do if we had ANOTHER set of twins (as unlikely as that is):

Count our blessings.

He's a good egg.