Saturday, May 02, 2009

The Great Bottle Standoff: Day 6

Monkey Girl has officially had about 10oz, give or take 2, since her last bottle Monday morning.

I admit it, she's winning the staring contest.

I talked to hubby today about giving in and just letting her have 1 bottle/day so that we could be sure she was getting enough milk. This whole, "stand firm even in the face of little to no beverage consumption" seemed like a good idea only when it seemed finite. Now that we're staring down the barrel of a girl who never drinks another glass of milk again, I'm second guessing my decision.

I was talking to our Nanny on Wednesday--just minutes before Monkey Girl drank the infamous 4oz from the sippy--and she mentioned, logically, that eventually she'd have to drink it.


"Well, she'll get thirsty."

It seemed so logical at the time. I guess I just never contemplated the level my beautiful young daughter would go to to avoid giving in.

So, my question is this. Does it really get worse if I wait to nix the bottles until she's older, or can I just suck it up and give the poor girl a bottle for the next few months (or until she's 15)?

In other news, I went to my boss's baby shower today. All I have to say is, thank GOD I'm not in the middle of treatments right now or I would have scratched out the eyes of about 87% of the attendees. In addition to there being a ton of babies--mine included--we spent the entire gift-opening session giving "mothering advice" to my boss. Seriously? Mothering advice? All that really did was give licenses to unleash every infertile's worst fear: unwelcome and insensitive fertile blabbering.

Mine advice was simple: "It's easier to have babies one at a time."

I realize in hindsight that isn't advice as much as it is a statement of fact. But, it's about the only thing I can say with any certainty. Everything else about "mothering" I am completely in the dark. There was a fellow twin mom at the shower. She totally had my back.

I was also thrilled that my colleague's wife--a fellow veteran stirrup queen--just adopted a baby about three weeks ago. The poor couple had been through hell--years of failed treatments, the uncertainty and waiting of domestic adoption, etc. Then, 11 weeks ago, they were chosen by a birth mom in Ohio. The woman asked them to fly out for the birth. They were thrilled, to say the least. They dropped everything and went.

24 hours after the birth, the birth mom changed her mind and sent them home.


I get that it's a tough decision, but don't do that. Seriously, just don't. My heart absolutely broke for them.

Then, two weeks ago (three?), the birth mom called and said, "do you still want to be (Baby girl)'s parents?"

Needless to say, they did. They flew back to Ohio, and are now the proud parents of a beautiful 11 week old baby.

Anyhow, my point, other than to share a wonderfully happy ending, is to say that all I could think about during the shower was how happy I was for her that this shower didn't happen before she got the wonderful news about her little miracle.

Wow, I'm a little all over the place today. So, I'll leave you with these. Check out the crossed legs. It totally cracks me up. And, sweet potato's eyelashes! I wish I could say he got them from me, but they're all hubby. So dreamy.


serenity said...

I'm all for weaning, and you have to think EVENTUALLY she'll be okay with the sippy cup, right?


Baby O is doing the same thing. Admittedly he's only 13 months old (is) so we're trying to wean him off bottles "early." (what IS early, anyway? I have no idea!)

Anyway. He misses his bottles something fierce. He will forego the sippy during the day some days and take a bottle like it's The Best Thing Ever. Other days he doesn't seem to care.

(Today's a day where he cares, mind you. Naptime this morning? Didn't happen until mom gave him a 4oz bottle.)

And personally, I GET it. He likes the bottle. And it seems sort of mean that we're trying to take something he likes away from him.

Why? Because we're worried about tooth decay. Which personally, good brushing, the flouride treatments he'll get from his dentist later, and the fact that HE WILL LOOSE HIS BABY TEETH make me not concerned about it. As much, anyway.

So yeah. I'm not going to fight him over it. If he wants his bottle, he can have his bottle. We'll keep giving him a sippy during the day, and keep ENCOURAGING him to drink from it. But actually dinking from it is his own choice.

(And you've never seen a 8 year old who drinks from bottles, right?)

Anyway. Do what you have to. But don't feel bad about giving Monkey Girl a bottle if it makes you BOTH feel better, you know?

Good luck.

And btw - those are some damn cute kids you have. :)


anna said...

Oh my gosh- they're adorable! Look at all that beautiful hair on your little lady!!! I can't believe how stubborn she is. Thankfully, my babes didn't care much about bottles so they didn't even notice when we took all the bottles away. On the other hand, my little guy absolutely refuses to drink from his sippy on his own. He'll play repeatedly that he just doesn't know how to use his sippy so that I tip it up for him. Funny thing is that when the nanny's around, he never has any problem with his sippy. Someone's figured out a way to get a little extra mama love! Anyhow, isn't it amazing how their little personalities are already so apparent?! What a ride, huh?

Somewhat Ordinary said...

Love the curls and eye lashes!

It is nice to commiserate with other mom's going through the bottle battle!

Nearlydawn said...

My version of the sippy-cup war was a bit of a mix between Serenity's and Anna's. I didn't even try to train him to sippy cups until around 11 mos. So, my little guy fought and fought using sippy cups when they were introduced. That is, until I weaned away his bottles during the day. I think I started at 12 months, but we are just now seeing real weaning success at 14 months!

At first I would offer him water or milk in a sippy (a Nubby with the bite valve). I wouldn't give him his water/milk in a bottle until he'd finished at least 1/2 of whatever I put in it. Then I would pour the remainder into a bottle and congratulate him. At night I left him on his bottles - I really didn't want to fight him to get him to sleep.

Eventually during the day I moved to only giving him the sippy cup with water or milk, and I'd let him drink some, put it down, then come back for more - no forcing the issue. On days when he just wouldn't drink it I would put it back in the fridge and try again later.

FINALLY, I like to think for Mother's Day, he has decided that sippy cups are fine for morning and night bottles too. Wooo Hooo!

It took us almost 2 months to make the transition, but I'm very happy we've made it.

Jamie said...

It's funny at such a young age how they can already be so stubborn. My daughter is eight months old and lets you know she is going to get her way already. I am scared what age 2 will bring.

Sarah said...

piper still has a bottle. she gave up nursing at 12 months but then couldn't digest milk so we had to give her toddler formula, and the only reasonable way to measure it was in the bottle. she just had another milk trial and seems to be ready now (18 months) so i'm about to head into this same battle. luckily i've been able to do away with the midday nap bottle in the meantime but i'm sure the bedtime one is going to be much tougher. and so i will probably decide that bottle rot couldn't possibly be the root of all evil since our whole generation isn't facing a toothlessness epidemic.

Kitty Laird said...

We had the same bottle issues w/one of our kids and she eventually gave it up at 15 months. We battled it out w/her for 3 weeks before we finally decided it wasn't worth it and the sweet lil' thing gave it up on her own. (She also would take water in a sippy all day long, but would literally throw the sippy with milk in it.)I would say to not worry about it. Our pediatrician even said it wasn't a big deal until they're 18 months or so b/c of speech issues (mouth in the same formation all the time). Good luck!
(Fellow IF mom and emotionally prepping for FET #3 in August)