Monday, November 30, 2009

Day 4

I had a mini-monitoring appointment today--bloodwork, but no ultrasound. Unfortunately, despite the higher doses we started with this round (225 of G0nal-F and 2 amps of Men0pur), my E2 was still as paltry this time as it was the first time around--perhaps worse. It was in the 50s--54, I think? (Last time I was at 77.4 on day 5. Sounds similar, hopefully not worse.)

Now they have me on 300 of G0nal-F and FOUR vials of men0pur. That sounds like a lot to me. I'm happy to do it if it works, but it certainly doesn't SOUND promising that I'm not responding to a higher dose.

I go back on Wednesday for bloods and ultrasound. I'm hoping that the ovaries kick into high gear. Come on, l'il guys!

In the meantime, I would love to hear what other people's protocols were--good or bad stories, I'm just interested in how high my dose seems by contrast. (Because I'm a glutton for punishment who can't just let go and let things happen, I suppose...)


Life in Eden said...

Honestly I can't remember my exact dosages -- but I certainly was in that ballpark. I know I used 4 vials at times and a high dose of Gonal-f. One cycle like that got canceled, but the other did rally and resulted in the twins -- so hold on to hope, all is not lost. I'm keeping watch.

Michele said...

My cycles were gonal-F without anything else. I ranged from 225-300 an injection, and usually ended up taking 6 or so injections to ovulate 2 eggs.

Michele said...

oh, I conceived twins, then miscarried a single, then a failed, then a single, then a miscarried single, then twins.

Sarah said...

handy to have a blog to look this stuff up...i was on 300 gonal F and 150iu menopur (not sure how much is in a vial?). that was after poor response at the first check, up from 225 gonal F and 75iu menopur initially.

are you losing your mind yet? i am totally feeling the roller coaster for you right now!!