Friday, November 27, 2009

Game on

I went in this morning for bloods and ultrasound--everything looked good. (My FSH, incidentally, was 4.3. ??? What the hell is that? Can someone explain FSH to me. I know that the highest number is the one you're supposed to pay attention to, but those numbers are so wildly different, it just sort of makes me wish I never knew about the other stupid number.)

Anyhow, I started meds tonight--225 G*nal-F and 2 vials of Men@pur. Is it wrong that my biggest takeaway from tonight's experience is how much bigger and flabbier my stomach has gotten since the last round? My stomach was nice and flat before. Not so much anymore. It could be the extra 10lbs--the 10lbs that I cannot blame on carrying twins because it was gained much more recently. (I can blame it on the miscarriage, I think, since the weight gain corresponds almost exactly with that.)

So, we're off. I got in for a blood check on Monday, then the litany of ultrasounds, etc. begins. Fingers crossed, and here's hoping for more luck than I probably deserve!


Life in Eden said...

You deserve all the luck in the world, sweetie. Here's crossing all the fingers and toes.

Michele said...

Ah the joys of gonal-f.... My belly is a flabby mess so I sympathize!

anna said...

gonal-f...ahh, the memories! You really do deserve all the luck and good fortune possible. Don't sell yourself short. Sending up a few prayers for this cycle!