Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Welcome home, little ones

Transfer today went well. Er...well, transfer today...happened, as scheduled. (It's hard to know how to judge the transfer without knowing the outcome!)

Our two little embryos were still hanging on, though one definitely looked better than the other. One was a 4-cell, grade 2.5 and one was an 8-cell, grade 1.5. Those numbers meant nothing to me, so I asked what they usually want to see on day 3, and Smirky said, "two 8-cell grade 1." So, we have at least one that looks reasonably good. Sarah did talk me down by reminding me that these grading systems aren't particularly "scientific," frustrating as that is.

But, now they're nestled back in where they belong, hopefully for the long haul.

The 2ww will be excruciating, as always. Doubly so because my beta should be next Friday. But, next Friday is December 25, so I have to wait until the 28th for my beta. Ugh! Three extra days! At least we'll be busy until the 25th. But the 26th-27th will be torturous. What are the chances I wait to take an HPT?

Anyhow...in order to facilitate some relaxation, I canceled the trip to DC I had scheduled for tomorrow. It just seemed like more chaos than we need right now. I had to cancel some meetings, but whatever. This is more important than any stupid meeting.

So, there you have it. Suggestions for distractions between now and the 18th welcome. And, continual positive vibes appreciated. I need to hope for the best for my little sticky jrs. Come on, l'il guys! :-)


Sarah said...

well i have hope, lots and lots of hope for them! and when you don't just remember that hope has nothing to do with the outcome (or none of us would be in this boat), it just makes it easier to bear the wait. so if you're ever feeling unhopeful (and we all know it happens eventually whether the cycle works or not) it only means that waiting sucks more than normal that day. and probably that you need another dessert :)

Michele said...

I'd love to say just let the holidays fill up your time, but we all know that there is nothing you can do to take your mind of things.

Fingers crossed!!!

anna said...

Come on, Sticky Jrs!!!! I'm rooting for your little ones. I would take lots of naps, eat lots of yummy ice cream, belt Christmas songs to your twins at the top of your lungs, and get into tickle attacks with your little ones so they get you laughing as hard as you possibly can (preferably to tears!) If all else fails, email me for further distractions. Keep up the hope!!!

Erin said...

Welcome home indeed! Good idea to put off your trip, and I hope you're finding things to occupy your mind. I can imagine that there are a couple shorties running around your house that help out a little bit. Have a very Marry Christmas!! Happy stick peeing, too! (just projecting what I would do here)

Ms. Planner said...

C'mon lil' stickies. I am glad that you are ensconced in home & family right now. As for occupying your time, I vote for a lot of cookie baking. Yummmm.

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you. Hope you're staying busy during the wait ;)

Tam said...

Thinking of you and hoping for a positive outcome today.

Lots of love as always xxx

Erin said...

Thinking about you this morning!!!