Thursday, April 08, 2010

Anatomy scan

Today was the infamous anatomy scan. I have to say, I was super nervous. I mean, ultrasounds always kind of make me nervous (and excited), but since the last one was so...well...iffy, I was just nervous that they'd find something troubling on this one.

The good news is, they didn't. Everything looks normal. Great, even. In fact, since the nuchal scan, the baby's risk for Down's has gone from my age-related risk of 1:350 (ish) to 1:750(ish) with the first round of scan/bloodwork, to 1:1,000(ish) with my second round of bloodwork (taken last week), to 1:3,500(ish) after today's ultrasound.

That's good news. Makes me sort of irritated that the tech ever raised the alarm at 12 weeks, but what can you do. I get that that's the risk of the early screening. I also get that this is only a screening and non of this means that my baby couldn't have something wrong. But the perinatologist said--very strongly--that she didn't think I need to do ANYTHING. (i.e.: no amnio, etc.) So, I'm taking that as a good sign.

I left the ultrasound feeling pretty excited, actually. It's finally starting to feel real. Up until this point, I've been really quite detached from this pregnancy. It still just felt very tentative. But, being back at the hospital where the stickies were born, seeing the little ones in the nursery, and thinking that we might be back there soon got me all teary.

And then, of course, learning that this little one is a little boy helped, too. Now I'm really picturing a little person. It's not just an abstract embryo or fetus, it feels more like a baby.

Of course, there's a scary part that goes along with that, but for now, it makes me excited.

I'm 1/2 through the pregnancy as of tomorrow. Getting closer everyday to viability. And to, I hope, meeting our little one. Hooray! One day at a time!


anna said...

YEY! I'm so glad that all is well. Congrats on a super result...and a cutie little boy on his way into your arms!

Somewhat Ordinary said...

Wow, half way already! It seems like this is going so quickly-i though you were like 12-14 weeks. It is great to hear things are all good and that you will be welcoming a little boy to your family!

Life in Eden said...

So glad all the news was good! Congrats, so exciting to have a little boy on the way!

Ms. Planner said...

Thanks for the update and I am glad that all went well with the scan. I know exactly what you mean about feeling detached. And not wanting to believe until you get closer to that "viability date."

Hopefully you can begin to bond with your second SON (!) in the weeks to come. Thinking of you!

Sarah said...


when will you start talking to the sticks about the news?